Sophie the Giraffe will be 50 this year!

It’s hard to believe that Sophie the Giraffe (Sophie la Girafe)  will be 50 years old this year.  She’s even more popular today than she was all those years ago!  Made in France, Sophie is given as a newborn gift  to 9 out of 10 French babies.  She’s fast becoming a hugely popular toy here in UK and worldwide too.

So what’s the secret to Sophie’s success?

Well, she’s not “changed with the times”  in fact, she still looks like a 60’s toy!  Her retro style is not a bad thing though.. I think you’ll agree with us that Sophie’s very cool!  She has a cute little face with big dark eyes and she squeaks when her tummy’s squeezed.   Sophie’s a very lightweight toy, and her slender shape is great for inexperienced little hands.  Babies always seem latch on to Sophie as one of their very favorite toys.  You can almost guarantee that Sophie will go straight into baby’s mouth… and because she’s made from 100% natural rubber, which is soft and non toxic you can be sure that your teething baby’s being soothed safely and naturally.

An award winning toy, Sophie’s made from 100% natural rubber (phtalate-free) derived from the sap of the Havea tree

· Natural Rubber is soft, safe & non-toxic for baby to teethe & chew.
· Lightweight & easy to grasp for tiny hands.
· Painted with non-toxic, food-grade paints.
· Stimulating to baby’s senses with her soft colors & gentle squeak.
· Bumpy head helps soothe sore, teething gums.
· Sophie makes a soft squeak when squeezed – such fun for a baby!
· Slender, flexible & soft – babies love manipulating & teething Sophie.
· Sophie the Giraffe is Phthalate-Free with No Vinyl (no-PVC)!
· Born in France in 1961, Sophie the Giraffe is a classic!
· 7” Tall (17cm)
· 0-12 months +

Sophie the Giraffe can be purchased on-line at Babi Pur.  Click here to buy Sophie now!

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