SHOW OFF your Fairtrade label competition

Fairtrade Fortnight Competition

Win £50 to spend at Babi Pur plus a lovely box of luxury Fairtrade Belgium chocolates

Fairtrade fortnight 2011 is here and to celebrate we’ve got a box of Fairtrade Belgium chocolates and a £50 Babi Pur voucher to give away to one lucky winner.  It’s all about showing off your Fairtrade label, here’s how to enter . . . .

There are two ways to enter

1) Simply write in the comments section below which Fairtrade products you buy.

2)SHOW OFF your Fairtrade label!  Take a pic with your phone or camera of as many Fairtrade labels as you have in your house or office and email each one to each picture gets an entry so the more pictures you send the more chance you have of winning.  Leave a comment below for each picture you’ve emailed us.

bonus entries

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It is important that you leave separate comments for each possible entry including each Fairtrade label photo you send us as each comment number is counted as an entry!

All entries need to be with us before midnight on Monday the 14th of March – Good Luck!


Photos of Fairtrade labels will be used on various social media, by entering you agree to the use of your photographs for Babi Pur promotion.


  1. we buy lots of fairtrade products in our house – we have a beco potty made from waste plant fibres from but most of all my little girl loves her octopus rattle we purchased from there too she never lets it go!

  2. Entry 5

    I have created an account – subscribe to Babi Pur Newsletter

    Thanks Babi Pur Two people I know have previously won your competitions so my turn next! I would spend the £50 on cloth nappies and an organics for kids anchor playsuit x

  3. We buy Fairtrade Chocolate, Fairtrade Orange Juice (sometimes), Chocolate Spread and Fairtrades Bananas (always). There might be other items but we don’t buy them a lot..

  4. have facebooked you. is that a word? (i’m kush kushla) and tweeted you. that is a word. deffo (@kushlacat)

    i like my fairtrade tea. wouldn’t buy any other sort.

  5. And last but not least I’ve emailed a photo of a Body Shop Product…

    Thank you so much for this competition. It was fun. 😀


  6. We buy fairtrade coffee, bananas, chocolate, tea, sugar, sometimes orange juice, & bath & beauty products when I can get them. Now to find some photos.

  7. Emailed some Lush Fairtrade Foot Lotion, but I’ll leave it to your discretion, as I can’t find a logo on the tub.

  8. Always buy fairtrade decaf instant coffee, by Clipper, Nettle and English breakfast teas by Clipper, fairtrade sugar, divine chocolate, honey too.

  9. We buy tea, coffee, sugar, bananas and the odd chocolate bar! Sure there’s more, but can’t think!

    At work most of the things we order are fair trade, I’m one of the people responsible for doing orders!

  10. We buy fairtrade coffee, bananas, tea, chocolate (often), sugar, gifts, clothes, jewellery, cereal bars, odd random things we notice…

  11. I buy fair-trade bananas, coffee and chocolate – I’m sure there are more but can’t think just now

  12. hi! i buy a few fair trade product. but the £50 would mean alot 2 me as i could buy ur re-usalbe nappies as i have 2 children under 1, and it would save alot of money and the enviroment! diolch!

  13. i buy fairtrade wherever possible, from tea, to green & blacks to clothes if i see them. already a fan on facebook & twitter 7 posted the comp on facebook.

    i’m afraid all the fairtrade packaging in my house has been recycled already.

  14. We buy fair trade sugar, bananas, some of our cotton clothes, chocolate, occasionally wine, tea and coffee (very important as it is the 2nd most traded commodity in the world!).

  15. We buy fairly traded and ethically produced as well as rainforest alliance wherever possible, including bananas, chocolate, cereal etc. 🙂

  16. Teabags from Cafe Direct, except I think they are Tea Direct now. The best flavour by far as well as Fair Trade!

  17. We regularly buy bananas, coffee, tea, chocolate. Some of the toys and clothes we have are fairtrade too.

  18. Most things we buy are organic, the production of which basically adheres to fair trade principles anyway, but when available we do look for things which are specifically labelled as such including coffee, tea, hot chocolate, chocolate, sugar, nuts and dried fruit, bananas, quinoa, honey, cotton clothing/household goods, wine, toys and gifts. At least these days a lot more products are certified both organic and fairtrade – just a few years ago the choice was always either/or…(or not at all!)

  19. We always have fair-trade coffee and bananas and regularly buy fair-trade hot chocolate and regular chocolate!
    I’m an FB fan and I have an account 🙂

  20. We buy Fairtraid Coffee, Bananas,Teabags,Sugar
    & my favourite -Chocolate!!!!!These I buy regularly and sometimes juice, and clothing items

  21. I but fairtrade tea, coffee and cocoa.

    I have followed on Twitter @FlorrieFloyd, and RT’d, and liked the FB page.

  22. We buy FT chocolate, bananas, sugar and tea (and coffee when I’m buying it). Um and probably more …

  23. I always pick a fairtrade item over a normal one but there isnt really much much FT stuff on the shelves at supermarkets.

    We do get:
    tea and coffee,
    clothes and toys!

  24. I try my best to buy everything fairtrade but fairtrade buttons and fairtrade coffee are my best buys! =) x

  25. We buy all cocoa Fair Trade.
    And bananas.

    Hardly ever buy coffee, but what’s in is FT.
    And nuts. And mango. And teas.

  26. Have emailed you photos x 35!
    Comment left for photo labelled Abi Trew 27. 😀 🙂 😀 🙂 😀 🙂 😀 🙂

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