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Thanks to all of you who reviewed your cloth nappies on our website… we’ve chosen a review at random, and the reviewer can now chose 7 gorgeous printed nappies of their choice. ¬† The winning review is ¬†for the bumGenius Freetime nappy in Lovelace (see below) by Kate Hargreaves. ¬†Congratulations Kate!

Such a pretty nappy and the colour and pattern are delightful, particularly good for a little girl as a posh nappy for special occasions (but I can’t resist using it all the time!) The fit is also superb as the tabs are so stretchy and the vertical layout of the poppers gives lots of options – I’d say they’re just as adjustable as a velcro fitting, because of the amazing Bumgenius stretchy tab. The nappy performs beautifully and is trim-fitting (though not as super-trim as Tots Bots Easyfit V3), with two attached pieces for absorbency – I must admit I haven’t got into the habit of folding them to adapt for greater absorbency in e.g. the middle of the nappy, but I’m sure I will – and I’ve not had absorbency problems with the ‘normal’ way of folding them (i.e. two layers, one on top of the other). The nappy dries very quickly, though perhaps not as quickly as a nappy with minky inners (again the Tots Bots Easyfit V3 has the edge here). The inner can get a little crunchy in our hard water area, but rubbing it seems to be solving that. If you’re choosing a ‘special’ nappy for a girl this is a great choice, and comes just a whisker behind my favourite, the Limited Edition Tots Bots Easyfit V3 in Jubilee poppers.

Runners up!

The runners up prizes go to Elle Mazitora and Candence Knights for reviews on the Fuzzibunz Laundry bag and the Easyfit V2 – congratulations!

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