Review of the new ‘One Size Wrap’ by Bambinex

This new ‘One Size Wrap’ by Bambinex ticks so many boxes we could’t help but get excited about it!  The poppers on the front let you adjust the nappy cover to fit your baby from birth to potty which is very economical considering that most wraps come in four different sizes.  So no need to buy bigger sized wraps as your baby grows, fantastic!

The wrap itself is lovely and soft.  It contains no PVC, has a polyester microfibre exterior and a polyurethane waterproof, breathable interior.  This wrap is elasticated around the legs to prevent leaks and has an ‘Aplix’ fastening which is similar to velcro and gives a good snug fit.   

There are 6 colours available – White, bubblegum pink, Butternut, Nectarine, Lime zest & Aqua.  These are very ‘happy’ bright colours which are ideal for showing off cloth bottoms come spring time! 

We’ve sent some samples for to be tested over a few weeks by our panel of lovely mummies and so far so good!  We will add the reviews here in a couple of weeks time.  Feel free to add your own reviews too…

The Bambinex One Sized Wrap is available to buy online at BabiPur for £8.99

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5 Responses

  1. Sara says:

    Bambinex Bamboo with one size wrap.

    This is a nappy and wrap system, with the nappy being bamboo and the wrap in a PUL material. The wrap aims to be a one size wrap, and there are several of these types of wraps and nappies on the market.
    The nappy itself was lovely and fluffy, but this has pros and cons – it was soft, and really snuggly, but it also made it quite bulky. The fit was a little odd too, as it had a sort of belt and loincloth effect, so had quite a slim band around the hips, with the absorbent part being narrower between the legs than I’ve seen on other nappies. It was more of a defined t-shape than I’ve seen with other nappies. However, it was very absorbent, and did the job well; it did not leak poo or wee, so although the fit looked odd, it was pretty close fitting and did the job well. There was also an additional booster which we used overnight, but we did have a small leak by the morning. It washed well, came up clean and still fluffy and soft (often the bamboo towelling will go hard on the washing line, but this was still like a teddy bear!) and dried in one day on the line in London – this is average for bamboo, and often similar for bulky cotton nappies even though cotton is said to be quicker to dry.
    The one-size wrap was not to my liking. The material was quite squeaky and rubbery, which I don’t like much (this is, of course, personal preference!) and although it fitted well over the nappy and was snug to prevent leaks, I felt that it was somehow too big for the nappy, and that there was a lot of ‘spare’ wrap on the upper thighs, mainly because the nappy was the t-shape described above. The whole ensemble was rather bulky. The poppers would adjust well and it was a generous nappy, but perhaps less brilliant on a smaller than average baby (like mine!)
    So the review is mixed – the nappy works well (although perhaps not overnight), is absorbent, washes well and dries in average time. The downsides was the look and feel, and that would be a matter of preference.
    3 out of 5, losing points for appearance and feel but a perfectly usable nappy.

    Tested on a boy, several times, 6-10 months.

  2. Ray says:

    Our review of the Bambinex one size wrap –

    We use this nappy wrap over many different nappies for our son aged 15 weeks and our daughter aged 2 years.

    This wrap looks and feels great. It comes in 6 different colours which means a funky bottom every time! Both our son and daughter seem comfortable wearing this wrap and we’ve not had any leaks. The poppers seem very strong and the wrap still looks ‘new’ after washing. This nappy wrap dries very fast, it does feel quite dry when it comes out of the washer.

    I can’t think of any negatives with this wrap and I am trying very hard as I hate to write one sided reviews!

    We would recommend this nappy wrap to anyone who uses two part nappies. It saves having to buy different sizes and can be shared between siblings. Great product! Ray

  3. Katherine says:

    Have been trying the bambinex one size wrap after reading lots of great reviews but its not such a great product for me – I have 4mth old twin boys (13.5lb and 16lb) and every time I use the wrap, it is leaking badly. I am using it over motherease one size nappies and it seems there is too little material in the legs and its not covering the nappy well. I have tried on all the settings. Hate to be negative and perhaps I am going wrong somewhere?! Katherine

  4. peter says:

    Hi Katherine

    Shame you’re having trouble with these wraps. I doubt you are doing anything wrong, sometimes a nappy product just doesn’t work well for some babies even though it might be fantastic for others. What wraps have you found that do work well?

  5. Rebecca says:

    I have also found these very leaky on my 7 week old son definitely not worth the investment I have bambino mio all on ones also and I find them much better and no leaks

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