Review: Imse Vimse Washable Sanitary Pads

Review of the pack of 3 Imse Vimse  Regular  ‘All in One’ model with wings

Around 5 years ago I decided to make the switch from disposable sanitary pads which irritated my skin  to reusable sanitary pads or CSP.  I have quite a few brands in my stash and I’ve also had a go at making my own!  The Imse Vimse (Regular) Reusable pads are definitely my favourites and the ones I use the most.


These are definitely one of the most absorbent pads in my stash.  The Imse Vimse ‘Regular’ sized pad consist of 4 layers of absorbent organic cotton flannel material on the top, a layer of waterproof and breathable PUL material followed by another layer of organic cotton.   If you’ve ever used organic cotton cloth nappies you’ll know that organic cotton is very thirsty but it takes a good 6-7 pre-washes before it becomes fully absorbent.  It’s not obvious which way up they should face and I did put them on upside down a few times at the beginning which meant I only had a single layer of cotton to absorb, just to clarify the side which has the stitching down the sides should go next to your skin.  I find these pads are absorbent enough to cope with my flow even on heavy days which are usually the first two days of my period, I also use them at night.

Comfort and Fit

This pad has wings which are secured in place under your knickers with 2 nickel free snap fasteners.  I find organic cotton sanitary pads much more comfortable than disposable or polyester fleece types, in fact it doesn’t feel any different to wearing a pair of cotton undies.  Organic cotton will let your skin breathe and according to Imse Vimse many women report that, when they switch to Imse Vimse’s sanitary pads, itching and fungal infections become problems of the past.  These pads are one of the few that suit my sensitive skin, they don’t cause any irritation whatsoever and they don’t make me feel hot and sweaty like polyester or disposables do.

Quality and value for money

I bought my first pack of Imse Vimse pads just over three years ago and they’ve washed and worn extremely well.  They still feel nice and soft, there are no loose stitches and the fabric doesn’t look worn.  Imse Vimse pads are also relatively inexpensive at only £11.99 for a pack of three  regular size.  To keep them looking nice and clean and to avoid staining I would advise rinsing them in cold water before washing as hot water ‘sets’ the stains where as cold water doesn’t.


These are my favourite sanitary pads and they are always the ones I reach for first when I need something reliable.  They’re comfortable, absorbent and do the job!  The only thing that would make them better is some nice bright colours and patterns… hint hint Imse Vimse!


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