Review Competition – Win Cloth Nappies!

Enter our competition for a chance to win some lovely cloth nappies and accessories!  All you need to do to enter is review any of the products you’ve used on the Babipur website. All reviews posted from the 18/7/20012 to 14/8/2012 will automatically be entered – read on for more details…..

The Prize

How to enter

Just write a review on the Babi Pur website of any product you have bought/used.  To do this you must have an account and you must be logged in, then just go to the product you want to review and click the “write a review” tab.  Each review is counted as an entry so you can add as many as you like!

Reviews help other parents make the right buying decisions!  What do you like, what don’t you like, we need to know!

Leave a comment below to let us know what  you’ve reviewed.  Competition closes at midnight on the 14th of August and the winners will be announced shortly after.  Winners will be chosen at random however reviews deemed to be unhelpful or fake will not be considered.


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29 Responses

  1. clare booth says:

    Reviewed flip stay dry inserts

  2. clare booth says:

    Reviewed Bumgenius v4

  3. clare booth says:

    reviewed TotsBots easyfit v3

  4. Rebecca Greenwood says:

    Reviewed the Totsbots Easyfit v3

  5. Rebecca Greenwood says:

    Reviewed Totbots Easyfit V3

  6. Sophie Phillips says:

    reviewed totsbots easyfit v3, close bamboo pop-in (turtle print) and picalilly loop the loop playsuit

  7. Lella says:

    I’ve reviewed the bumgenius freetime, v4 and tots bots easy fit v3.

  8. Michelle McKinley says:

    I’ve left a review for the Pop-in + bamboo big box 20 pastels as they were great!

  9. clare booth says:

    Reviewed Fuzzi Bunz Elite

  10. clare booth says:

    Reviewed Itti wet bags

  11. clare booth says:

    Reviewed the Itti Bitti Tutto

  12. clare booth says:

    Reviewed Econobum cover and prefold.

  13. clare booth says:

    Reviewed TotsBots mesh bags

  14. clare booth says:

    Reviewed Jackson Reece wipes

  15. susanne wedel says:

    I left a review for the Fuzziunz Minky inserts (3 pack)

  16. susanne wedel says:

    i reviewed flip organic inserts

  17. susanne wedel says:

    i left a review for grande sophie the giraffe

  18. susanne wedel says:

    also reviewed sophie the giraffe teething ring

  19. susanne wedel says:

    reviewed City – Plan Toys Parking Garage

  20. susanne wedel says:

    also reviewed Stripy Organic Baby Sneeky Rattle

  21. susanne wedel says:

    reviewed Fish Jigsaw 1-10

  22. clare booth says:

    Reviewed Sophie La Giraffe

  23. Sally Brook says:

    Reviewed pop-in + bamboo in pink turtle print.

  24. Sally Brook says:

    Reviewed Hape Early Melodies Pound & Tap bench.

  25. Sally Brook says:

    Reviewed Hape animal blocks

  26. Sally Brook says:

    Reviewed Bitti Tutto prints offer.

  27. Sally Brook says:

    Reviewed Nappi Nippas

  28. Sally Brook says:

    Reviewed pop-in nighttime booster

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