Real Nappy Week Offers at Babi Pur

Real Nappy Week 2011 is nearly upon is and guess what… our offers have started early!  There’s a massive 20% off almost all of our nappies including your favourite big brands  bumGenius , Close Parent , Tots Bots , Itti Bitti

Already using reusable nappies?

Great!  As you may already know..this years theme  is “Share the Secret!” Real Nappy Weeks is a great opportunity to talk to other mums and dads about real nappies.  You and I may believe that the re-usable nappy “secret” is well and truly out,  but many parents still haven’t given them a try for fear of soaking, boiling and lots of hard work.  Why not take this opportunity to let your friends know how easy modern reusable nappies really are!

New to re-usable nappies?

Real Nappy Week is the perfect time to get started if you’re new to re-usable nappies, with so many offers around you’re sure to find a good deal! If you’d like to find out more about re-usable nappies we have some fabulous articles to help get you started..

For great offers on re-usable nappies whether you’re getting started or topping up your stash shop here now!




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