Real Nappy Week 2010

Real Nappy Week

‘Go Real’ , the real nappy information service, want us to go real together this real nappy week, 26th April to 2nd May 2010.  This year real nappy week is all about talking to other parents, sharing photos (check out the Go Real cute in cloth section), sharing experiences, getting advice, learing about real nappies  and taking advantage of special offers.  Check out the Go Real website here for more information on events and real nappy week info. 

Real nappies are becoming more and more popular every year as people become more aware of the environmental benefits and the huge cost savings to be had compared with disposables.  Watch this space over the next few weeks for real nappy week news and fab real nappy week special offers!  The best way to get news of special offers first is to follow our twitter updates .

At Babi Pur we excel at offering quality sound advice on washable nappies.  You can call for a chat about real nappies on 01766 515240 or send us an email   We know because we’ve used them!


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