Real Nappy Week 2010 comp – Win Cloth Nappies worth £100 !

This year Real Nappy Week is all about “going real together”  sharing your experiences with others, sharing your cloth nappy pictures.  Help us promote Real Nappies this year by entering the Babi Pur competition and encouraging your friends to do so too.  The winner will be chosen at random and can chose any nappies from our website up to the value of £100!To enter, all you need to do is comment on this post with your answer to this question “In your opinion, what is the best advantage of using cloth nappies compared to disposables?”

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  1. Besides the obvious environmental and cost benefits, I have to say that I love the huge variety of colours and patterns these come it! Bit superficial I know, but the bright designs really cheer me up!

  2. Biggest advantage is the soft fabric against my little girl’s wee bum bum! Although the pretty prints are a VERY close second!

  3. Biggest advantage is the money saved! My daughter is one on friday and I reckon we’ve saved around £200 already… and we didn’t exactly go for the cheapest option when it comes to nappies!

  4. The never ending range of fabrics, styles, colours, materials etc, regardless of the size shape or needs of your baby there will always be something that suits. Love them!

  5. The best advantage of cloth nappies is knowing that every little helps in ensuring there will be a world worth living in for your children and your children’s children.

  6. Amongst many better reasons (eco, pretty, better at containing poo) they keep my MinL happy even if they aren’t quite Terry Towelling squares 🙂

  7. Best advantage…no landfill. I try to recycle as much as possible and would hate to see thousands of nappies go to landfill from my LO.

  8. Not having a bin full of stinky dirty nappies to send to landfill every week. Also, I just love watching my little fella waddle about with his colourful cloth bum!

  9. its got to be the environmental aspect thats best, closely followed by the fabulously addictive colours and patterns…..

  10. Best advantage to cloth nappies – not having nappy rash! I really noticed the difference when we switched to cloth nappies.

  11. For me the best thing is that I know exactly what’s coming into contact with my baby, no nasty chemicals that give her rashes! Oh and never having that ‘we’ve run out of disposables at 4am and someone has to go to the shops for some more’ moment!

  12. Can’t decide what the best benefit is…so many! love the fact we can fit all our rubbish in the bin at its fortnightly collection, as its not stuffed over full of stinky nappies. Also that our kitchen bin doesn’t smell. Love the fact we’re helping to reduce landfill. Plus its cheaper (unless you can’t stop buying more cute nappies like me 😉 ). Also they smell lovely when they’re clean, disposables smell all chemically and nasty in my opinion, and more difficult to do the ‘smell’ test…all you Mummies and Daddies know what I mean, and I’m sure you’ve all done it to see if baby needs changing! And finally cos they are so cute looking! way nicer and more variety than disposables.

  13. I think that the best benefit for us is knowing how comfy our baby’s little bum is. I’m so happy that he’s never had to have harsh chemicals or plasticky bits against his newborn skin 🙂
    Of course, there are tonnes of other benefits – no stinky bin, environmentally friendly, no running out of nappies, being able to custom boost them, how beautiful they look…I doubt anyone using disposables can get this much joy from nappies!!!

  14. Best thing? I love the way it quickly becomes an obsession – nobody ever becomes obsessed by collecting different types of disposables…

  15. The cute factor! So soft and all these colours and patterns to choose from; it is extremely addictive 🙂

  16. The best advantage of using reusable nappies is (that along with the fact that they look super cute on babies) that I’m not contributing to an already worsening situation in regards to filling landfills with disposable nappies.

  17. Aside from the obvious environmental benefits which we are all very aware of; for me it’s the ability to outlay money now while i am still in work rather than trying to find cash for disposables on a weekly basis once no money coming in on maternity leave.

    Plus on a totally superficial level – they are so darn cute, even the plain white ones – cloth bums look much better than disposable bums!!

  18. Colours and designs to choose from, no nasty chemicals on babys bum and not contributing to landfills.

  19. R educing landfill
    E rgonomic
    A dorable
    L uxurious

    N atural
    A bsorbent
    P ractical
    P rinciple
    I ndividual
    E nvironmental
    S aves money


    Going back to basics but with modern day knowledge.

    Great investment not only on personal level but a greater investment for the future of the environment and ever challenging economy.

    A treat for the purse, the earth, the eyes and the little tushes lucky enough to get in them.

  21. In my opinion, the best advantage of using cloth nappies compared to disposables – better for enviroment, less waste, soft on skin, looks very cute in colurful nappies!

  22. have posted on a forum in Fertility Friends telling them about Nappy Week and to look into Bapi Pur and telling them how fantastic you are!

  23. I would never go back to disposables now having used cloth nappies! I just wish I had used them with my other two children. I am more eco conscious, my little one’s bum is so much better since using reusables, they look great on and I look forward to choosing which one to put on!
    I have gone one step further and am using resuable wipes!

  24. There are so many advantages to using cloth nappies! No chemicals on baby’s bum, less waste, they save you money and they are so gorgeous!

  25. The best thing about them is that there are far fewer leaks than with disposables. In my experience, this means less washing, not more!

  26. The best thing, is that they are more comfortable, and don’t contain potentially harmful chemicals.

  27. Not having a disgusting, stinky bin – especially in summer! Also, knowing that I’m not putting some weird gel-granule thing next to my baby’s bottom.

  28. there is nothing better than the feel of a fat nappied bottom, my man is so skinny it’s the only part of him that is ‘properly’ patable!!!

  29. ‘C’ for cloth… The biggest advantage of using cloth nappies to disposables is that they are by far KINDER:

    reduced environmental ‘C’onsequence
    ‘C’ute and ‘C’uddly!

    What isn’t attractive about cloth nappies? :))

  30. Apart from being kinder to the environment and cheaper you know exactly what is going next to your babies skin and there are so many pretty colours etc… to chose from and on top of that I think babies just look so cute in proper nappies. 😀

  31. I much prefer the idea of natural gentle cloth next to my baby’s bum and the environment will thank us in the long run!

  32. For me the main benefit is the finacial savings and reducing landfill at the same time + of course no chemicals.

  33. I like the fact that you don’t have a massive stinky bin,if the smell gets too much you stick the washing machine on. They smell better and look so much more stylish. You get far more creative, using microfibre cloths or old t towels as stuffers if you get caught out, or using the cloth inners to mop up spills. If your baby poos within minutes of putting the nappy on, you can often get away with changing the liner, rather than the whole nappy.

  34. I like the huge huge variety of different shapes, styles and colours of cloth nappies and knowing that my little man has the best dressed bum in town!

  35. “In your opinion, what is the best advantage of using cloth nappies compared to disposables?”

    Its very hard to pick one but the impact on the enviroment has to be no.1 for us as we strive to do our “bit”, facebook page “liked”, photo uploaded,

  36. the advantage for me? How good I feel as a parent knowing I am: reducing what goes in a landfill, saving my family money, and putting my child in something natural and lets face it- SO very much cuter!

  37. Apart from the superficial aspect of how cute they look in cloth, it has to be the environmental aspect of reducing landfill by using cloth nappies on my girls.

  38. The main thing is Knowing what is next to my little boys skin. but also for cost and environmental reasons.

  39. Real nappies are comfortable and safe to use and everyone will find the right nappy for their baby; you’ve got a REAL choice when using real nappies!

  40. How soft they are and the fact that he’s started potty training early!! Only in nappies of a night at 19 months! Couldn’t handle two in nappies.

  41. I love to look at my outdoor washing line and enjoy the beauty of a dozen, white, terry squares drying in the sunshine.
    For me that’s the best thing! I can’t really explain why? Maybe it just fills me with pride to know that I have a beautiful daughter whose bottom gets wrapped up in those nappies.
    We’ve choosen them for all the right reasons mentioned above, over buying disposables.
    Long live our children’s planet : )

  42. We have saved so much money on using cloth nappies, compared to disposables. Plus it might be a drop in the ocean but we feel that we are doing our bit to reduce waste and the damage we are doing to our environmental. From a hygiene point of view, I couldn’t bear stinky disposables lying in our wheelie bin waiting for their two weekly collection. It is fantastic to be able to flush poo down the loo! Who wants poo in a bin!

  43. For me it is a cost benefit. I was made redundant at 24 weeks pregnant but managed to acquire some terry nappies for free. Would have cost us a small fortune otherwise!

  44. I love using cloth nappies are they make the horrible job of nappy changing fun as you decide which of the hundreads of nappies on the market you will try on your little one next!! It’s also great when you get good comments about how cute the nappies are!! The reduction of waste was the reason I got into it but the cuteness has me hooked!!

  45. I love my cloth nappies!

    Besides from the obvious advantage to the environment, it is just a lot more reliable. No more poo traveling my baby’s back! Also, I really prefer proper fabric against my baby’s skin rather than all these chemicals. And not to forget all the beautiful colours too!

  46. Oh! And the best advantage of using cloth nappies is that you can co-ordinate them with your baby’s outfit!

  47. you do not have to spend hours calculating which neppies are the best buy in the supermarket every week!

  48. I love the soft fabric on my baby’s skin. I love the sight of my cloth nappies hanging on the line drying, the different colours and fabrics. The biggest advantage of using cloth nappies is that my bin doesn’t stink of stinky nappies and I am helping to reduce the number of disposables going to landfill

  49. My Son’s Great Grandchildren will not come across any nasty sposie he has worn, rotting in some landfill, they’ll be wearing his beauties!

  50. So hard to chose the best benefit to be honest.
    I’ll have to go with the environmental factor.
    Followed closely by money, lack of chemicals and cuteness 😉

  51. The advantage is That they are super cute, don`t fill landfills and are environmentally friendly.
    The BEST advantage is that they are not full of chemicals and I don`t have to worry about what I put against my babies Skin.

  52. For us the best advantage has to be that Callum has never had nappy rash :)and he’s 7.5 months!
    And also having a cuddly, fluffy bum to cuddle! 🙂

  53. now a facebook fan and will work out how to add a pic there – trying to review nappies for you but the links aren’t working ;o(

  54. I think the best advantage has to be the fact that we’re not filling landfill with even more nappies that will never disappear in our lifetime. Its a scary thought to think that the first nappy ever made is still sitting in a landfill somewhere!

    Then there are the bonuses – such as cute factor, the fact they don’t stink even when there is a really stinky no.2 in there, the cost advantage over sposies, etc….

  55. One of the great advantages for myself is that it makes me feel really good 🙂 I am investing time and energy for the wellbeing of my son and the envirionment and I save money. What more do you want?

  56. apart from the environmental factor, having natural comfy materials next to babys skin instead of horrible chemicals. but of course it helps that you get can so many awesome designs 😉

  57. Other than the obvious environmental and financial benefits, the main benefits for me are the peace of mind that my baby will not have any unknown chemicals next to their bottom and also the cuteness factor that disposables just don’t have 🙂

  58. Confidence of knowing without a doubt exactly what is next to my daughter’s skin – one less thing to worry about!

  59. For me I want to protect the environment in which my child is going to grow up in and I want to know that we are doing what we can to help. Its also very important to me about my childs skin and welfare and from researching i feel real nappies are the way to go!!! 😀

  60. Cloth nappies look cuter, and the savings build up massively if you use them on a second or third child.

  61. I feel I am doing my bit for the environment by saving on waste and at the same time using only natural fabric against my bub’s delicate skin!

  62. Best thing about cloth nappies? My daughter can’t rip them and try to tear them apart like she can disposables… and I can feed her messy food in just a nappy and she’s easy to clean up and the nappy doesn’t disintegrate (tried it in a disposable once, what a mess!)… and the fantastic colours… and it’s earth friendly. I have to pick just one reason?

  63. hmm do i go for the consious answer and say g
    biggest advantage is saving the environment or go for the other answer of they are much more pretty

  64. I feel so proud knowing I’m giving my baby’s bottom the best possible start in life! It’s so smooth and beautiful I just can’t stop looking at it!! 🙂

  65. I won’t lie to you, the thing I love best about my son’s nappies is the cuteness factor – doesn’t matter if it’s a BumGenius, an Itti or a WAHM-made nappy, his bum looks adorably squidgy in his cloth. I’m also very happy that I don’t have a brimming bin bag full of stinking disposables hanging round all week, I’m not contributing to the landfill problem – and I love the smell of clean, fresh laundry!

  66. The best advanatage for me, is that they can double up as a very fetching sunhat, for a baldy like me. Once they’ve been well laundered needless to say.

  67. If I’d used sposies on my 4 children they would’ve worn them for 2.5 years each, which means we would have sent bags full of dirty sposies to landfill every week for 10 years (at least) Now that’s a lot of waste! The best thing about using cloth nappies is that we’re not contriuting to the dirty landfill pile, but also, cloth nappies are much cuter!

    I’d also like to add that the service received by Babi Pur is always friendly and helpful, Thank you!

  68. Cloth nappies are great, we are poor and they have saved us lots of money!! We have used mini-motherease since our baby was 9 days’ old, now onto the bigger sizes. You can hang them in the sun and the stains disappear! Hooray!!!!

  69. The best advantage of using cloth nappies is that I feel like I’m doing my little bit so I feel really good about myself and a happy mummy makes for a happy baby, or two in my case!

  70. It’s so difficult to decide what the best advantage is…. I think it’s got to be the environmental benefits – no guilt about adding to the landfill!!

  71. Knowing I’m doing a little bit extra for my baby and the world she’ll grow up in.

  72. The advantage of using cloth nappies is the child may be ready for potty training quicker as they feel the unpleasantness better if you know what i mean! Dont care about environment

  73. Hi already a facebook fan and newsletter subscriber 🙂

    Best thing I like about nappies is showing them off, although it’s also better for the environment, for baby for us.

  74. I have added you to face book and added comments to the BG and popin reviews. The best thing about using cloth is knowing that I am not spending all that money on something that is just going to end up in land fill.

  75. The best about cloth nappies is that you save the environment and save money. And they are also fun to use! =)

  76. For me it’s the feel good factor.
    Using real nappies is only a small part of my efforts to make my home and family life as natural and eco as possible and that makes me feel good.

  77. Biggest advantage: Difficult to pick one as there are so many!Aside from the environmental benefits, I love that my little girl looks so cute in them!

  78. Theres tons of benefits to using washable nappies! Obviously the benefit to the environment is the main thing, but also the money it saves, the benefit to baby’s skin, and not to mention how cute they are!!

  79. I am new to this with baby due on 23rd June, my sister and friends have used washable nappies and I want to do my bit for the enviroment

  80. Aside from the fact they are clearly better for the environment by producing less waste, these ones are more fun and colourful than disposables and after all I wore them as a child and survived!!

  81. I bought the TotsBots nappy kit of 10 nappies, I can’t wait to receive them and try them.
    I bought the Bambino Mio range when my lil one was born, but she has grown out of them and now I need to buy new ones.
    If you want to use re-usable nappies I strongly recommend you to buy the one size only ones, it will be more economical.

  82. I’m becoming a fan on facebook.
    My wife said they are cuter than the disposable nappies.

  83. the best advantage of using cloth nappies compared to disposables is knowing i am doing my part to reduce, reuse, and recycle 🙂

  84. I like that they are cheaper but mostly that they look so much cuter and I look forward to getting something new in the post!

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