Real Nappy Review Competition

Real Nappy Week competition

Real nappies are EASY PEASY! and we need YOU to help spread the word!

The prize

A big bundle of real nappy prints worth over £100 from all the best real nappy brands including bumGenius, Close, Tots Bots and more.  The winner can choose 7 of their favourite fluffy prints to add to their stash.  Plus there will be 2 runners up prizes, a printed nappy of your choice.

How to enter

Just write a review on the Babi Pur website of a real nappy that you have used.  To do this you must have an account and you must be logged in, then just go to the product you want to review and click the “write a review” tab.  Each review is counted as an entry so if you’ve tried them all you can review them all too!

Get creative, get descriptive, this is your chance to help other parents make the right buying decisions and help get more bums in cloth!  What do you like, what don’t you like, we need to know!

Leave a comment below to let us know what nappies you’ve reviewed.  Competition closes Wednesday 25th April and the winners will be announced shortly after.  Winners will be chosen at random however reviews deemed to be unhelpful or fake will not be considered.

Help, I need some inspiration. . . . .

How fast does it dry, how absorbent is it compared to other nappies and materials, do you like the colours, is it the first nappy you reach for when you’ve done a wash?


  1. I have reviewed Pop-In nappies, BumGenius in LoveLace, Flip covers and Stay Dry inserts, Bamboozle Stretch nappies, TB V2 and Flexi wraps x

  2. I would write a review if i could find where on the site to do so? is it just me who can find other peoples reviews but not anywhere to click to write your own?

  3. Have reviewed Easyfit V3 storytellers and Easyfit V3 Jubilee Limited Edition. My annoying computer logged me out of the site and binned my review of the rainbows, will try and do it again later, along with a few more.

  4. I have reviewed:
    Pop in brights Bamboo middle box
    Tots bots easy fit v2
    Bumgenius flips stay dry day pack

  5. Hi, have done 3 more – Tots Bots Easyfit V3 Rainbows, Bumgenius Freetime Poppers and Bumgenius Freetime Lovelace (poppers)

  6. BG V4 fine but is there a training manual for Grandads? Can’t see how to fold it and where does the nappy pin go!

  7. I have reviewed, Tots Bots V3 story prints, huggalugs babylegs, BG freetime, BG V4 &BGdisposible inserts

  8. I have reviewed the bumGenius 4.0 Albert Print, Bum Genius Organic Single Nappy and the bumGenius one-size all-in-one freetime nappy.

  9. only just seen that you have to enter what you have reviewed hear lol

    ive reviewed the new tots bots v3 london print – hope it helps new mummies choose x

  10. I’ve reviewed the BG Aplix and the BG Albert print. Loving them both, I’ve become a total cloth convert 🙂

  11. oops… it looks like i gave the Albert print 4 stars instead of 5… I had meant to give 5. Is it possible to change it?

  12. Reviewed Flip Nappy Organic Cotton Pack Snaps, Disposable Flip Inserts, Bamboozle Stretch Size 1, Bamboozle Stretch Size 2, Bitti Tutto, Itti Bitti Minky Wet Bags, Tote Nappy Bags Pastels, Washable Bamboo Baby Wipes 10 Pastels, Nappi Nippas, Bum Genius Organic.

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