Re-usable Sanitary Pads

At Babi Pur we have a good choice of sanitary wear to choose from with organic cotton offerings from Sckoon and Imse Vimse and a microfibre option from FuzziBunz.

Pack of 3 Washable Sanitary Pads - Panty Liner Our Imse Vimse pads are a single use design with absorbent cotton and antegrated breathable waterproof layer. I love the simplicity of these pads, you just use them and throw in your bucket until you’re ready to wash them all.  They feel lovely and soft and work really well for me.  They come in three different sizes and they all all made from organic cotton. Imse Vimse also offer a pocket design which you can see here
Sckoon Day Menstrual Sanitary Pads Sckoon pads come in loads of different pretty prints which certainly makes them more attractive.  They are a 2 part design with a waterproof pad and a liner which you place inside and replace throughout the day.  You probably need 3 liners to every pad and if you’re having a heavy period you can always double up on the liners.  There are three different sizes available and you can buy extra liners too.  Again these are all organic cotton for added piece of mind.
FuzziBunz Comfort Pads Red 3 Pack FuzziBunz comfort pads are another single use design but uses a microfibre absorbent core and a microfleece top which feels soft and wicks moisture away.  A nice simple design that’s easy to use.

Have a browse of our Eco Sanitary and Breast Pads section.  If you’ve never tried re-usable sanitary wear before then why not give them a try.

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2 Responses

  1. Anna says:

    I have been using reusable sanitary wear for a year now. But i am finding them very uncomfortable for cycling. I cycle everyday. I find the poppers to be in the wrong place! Just wondered if anybody had any similar problems or solutions? Apart from that I love them. Easy to use.

  2. Jo says:

    Hi Anna, Thanks for your comments 🙂 I’m also a cyclist, cycling and periods really don’t mix do they! I use reusable sanitary pads, and I used to use disposable sanitary pads (not tampons) When I go for a ride or cycle to work I wear padded cycling tights which are designed to be worn without underwear so moisture is wicked away – if I wore cotton undies they would be soaked with sweat, rub and cause friction. Wearing any sort of sanitary pads while riding a bike (even for short journeys) is uncomfortable as it causes friction in your most sensitive parts which can lead to infection. So, for the few days every month (only when riding my bike) I’ve started to use organic cotton tampons as compromise and I’m seriously thinking about giving the mooncup a go. Jo – Babipur

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