Pressies Galore

In December, my trusty old computer died a death, hence being offline for a while.

Fortunately, I managed to get my Christmas shopping done before it went, and before I look to the year ahead I thought I’d look back, and share our favourite Christmas pressies with you.

At number five:

These little fellas were my home made presses for the year.  I made them out of scraps of fabrics I had lying around and gave them to my closest friends and one each for the boys.  They were quite a lot of work, but I love them, and in particular I loved the way that they came together, each developing its own personality.  The boys saw me make them, and I think DW in particular appreciated a present made by mum.

At number four:

Early Rider Evo Balance bike.

This was DW’s biggie, and to be honest, in the beginning he was afraid of it. But wierd as it sounds, this is a good sign. Its always the things that DW is scared of at first that he grows to love the most. He rides it around the house now and is nearly ready to set off down the road on it.

I absoluely love it! It is the most stunning bike I have ever seen…. retro yet completely modern, evrything about it screams quality. I particularly love the stitched leather seat, its a beauty! Lovely babipur peeps, can we get them in adult sizes please?!


In third place is:

Pebble Rattle Snake

I was introduced to Pebble toys via the Octapus. I don’t think I love this quite as much, but little NW does. He adores throwing it about and making it rattle, and its floppy enough to not do too much damage should it give anything a whack, phew!

And in second place we find:
Chocolate Cake (similar to this one) – When this arrived I was pretty disapointed to be honest, the box seemed very small for the price. But it got wrapped up like everything else and stuck in a stocking.

But opened up, I love it. The cake stands on a little wooden platter and comes with a couple of knives. The genious bit is that the slices are velcroed together so you have to use the slice/knife to get them apart, and its quite hard work! DW loved this and was the host with the most on Christmas Day. Every visitor had a slice of his special cake and a cup of tea from his new teaset, and he’s still at it to this day. That’s my boy! I’ll soon have him trained 🙂

And the surprise top toy for Christmas 2011 is:

Both the kids absolutely love this, and, even though it was bought as a stocking filler, its proved to be top toy for both of them! NW, who got his first two front teeth for Christmas loves to gnaw at it’s natural rubber  gnomyness. Everytime you squeeze it the head gets sucked down and judders, which makes DW giggle every time, and the squeak means that even the dogs are lining up to have a go at it!

But now its present time again. DW will be three in two weeks time, and I still can’t believe how quickly he seems to be growing up! After getting so many lovely things for Christmas, I’m stumped as to what to get him for his birthday. Anybody have any suggestions?

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