Potty Learning Essentials

Quentin has been learning the use the potty since the start of June, although we’ve taken it all at his own pace there are few items that we now consider must haves for day to day use.

Car Seat Protector

Close Parent Car Seat Protectors

We’ve had the Close Car seat protector for a few months now and it’s certainly proved it’s worth. Quentin loves his yellow monkey seat but prefers it to exist in Daddy’s car. Which is thankfully the one we use for longer journeys.

I’ve had it in rested in a number of different car seats and the fit is impressively universal. its really easy to install as there are only two small bits to secure around the harness.

The car seat protector comes in two parts the shell and the insert. The removable insert on the pad which prevents any accidents wicking onto the car seat itself and the shell of the protector prevents leakage from escaping down the back of the car seat. It’s also very easy to remove and wash. Though so far I’ve avoided tumble drying the shell as to me its a similar kind of thing to a nappy cover.

I found we still make use of training pants for longer journeys but with the car seat protector in place we’re confidently using it for shorter journeys and steadily increasing the distance. Quentin unfortunately hasn’t got the hang of giving us enough warning to make a successful toilet stop in the car yet.

Wet Bags

As easy as when using cloth nappies, wet bags provide a secure odour and leak free location to store wet or soiled clothing resulting from accidents. I was surprised how many of my cloth nappy accessories were still useful during our progression to potty usage.

I have to say wet bags are one we most certainly couldn’t live without. I never go out without one in my bag, even on the best of days it may only get the odd pair of slightly damp pants in there but its so much better at doing its job than a plastic throw away equivalent.

We have three Itti Bitti Wet bags that I use in rotation. They are fine in a normal wash with clothing and I do avoid tumble drying them due to the PUL/Minky fabrics. However they do air dry quickly.

I’ve even recommended them to some of my friends to buy them as they approach potty learning as once they’ve finished using them they can be used for swimming things too, definitely a worthy long term investment.

Training pants

Training pants as a general rule for us are used when out and about and night-time, nakie bottoms and pants are our preferred option for days in and around the house or local area.

Flip Training Pants

Flip Training Pants

We love the Flip training pants, they’re certainly quick to get on and versatile. The side panels allow for easy removal when they get soiled, and quick changes without having to remove shoes and trousers. The inserts are actually a lot more absorbent than I expected. They will easily soak up a decent sized toddler wee, however as with most cloth based products absorbency improves after a number of washes.

I also love the fact they are one size, although by most standards Quentin was late into the potty learning journey and pretty much went into the biggest rise straight away, sometimes it’s not always easy to get well fitting pants by weight, if like me you have a tall skinny bottomed toddler.

Another thing the inserts are handy for is for soaking up the contents of a used potty when there isn’t anywhere suitable to dispose of its content, I just let the insert soak all the liquid up and put it in the wet bag. The only downside is although the Flip training pants pull up and down like pants they do still feel like a nappy, especially if like me you used flip nappies too, so It did take some adjusting to the new way of changing as Quentin would often lie down rather than stay standing when presented with a new set of pants.

Close Training Pants

Close Parent Cool Fit Microfibre Training Pants 2 Pack

The close training pants are sized pants so they don’t adjust in size, and depending on the age and size of your toddler will determine whether one or more sizes will be needed. At first glance the pants appear excessively big but after washing to increase the absorption they had shrunk down to a normal size. There are two core options (core being the inner absorbent part of the pants) Soy or Microfibre and are in packs of two, both are fast to absorb preventing instant leg leaks.

They go on like normal pants and the inside is really soft and smooth, love the Zebra and Giraffe designs on the front, it makes them really gender neutral. If your toddler finds the Flip trainers too like a nappy then the Close Trainers are a good alternative, they still hold a good amount of urine and are designed to allow the wetness to be felt as well.

Beco Stool

Beco - Step

The Beco Stepping stool is a really handy stepping stool for using in the bathroom. We have had one much longer than just the duration of potty learning. As soon as Quentin was able to stand up at the wash basin to brush his teeth we purchased a stepping stool. It’s also handy for encouraging him to wash his hands and also get on and off the main toilet, the stool is really sturdy and quiet heavy, the rubber grips stop the step slipping on the vinyl flooring we have in the bathrooms and also on the hard wood in the kitchen where Quentin will use it to help with the baking.

I love the fact that its made of bamboo and rice husk plastic which is bio-degradable, and once we’ve finished using the step it can be flipped over and used as a handy garden planter! Bonus!!

Beco Potty

BecoPotty - Eco Potty

The Beco Potty is a green alternative to the standard potty, it’s manufactured from plant fibres and can be planted in the garden to help make flowers grow at the end of it’s needed lifecycle.

It comes in three colours, pink, blue and neutral. We have the neutral one and despite the fibres it’s been created from it’s a decent, high quality potty, much sturdier than a standard plastic potty, and its weight has prevented a number of spills and knocks when it’s been left on the floor.

Quentin rather likes the high back on the potty though I do have to remind him that not all potty’s are the same when he uses someone else’s potty as he’s almost fallen backwards taking a full potty with him.

The potty can be buried once you’ve finished with it and it will break down in the soil and fertilise your garden.


I am Mummy to a little boy called Quentin, currently on maternity leave until July 2010 and Nuts about Cloth Nappies.

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