Pop-in New Generation Nappies Review


I’m a big fan of the Pop-ins and have used both the original pop-in and the v2 on my sons. So I was very excited to hear about the new generation, and really pleased to see a few design modifications.

What’s new, then?
-The same basic shape has been kept, which is good as it works really well and the nappies don’t leak; the adjustable applix tabs are still the same, and the fab double-elasticated leg gusset.
-The soakers have changed a little – for a start, there are fewer poppers! For the basic soaker, the two poppers at the front and three at the back are still the same, but the booster now attaches with a discreet and slim popper on a label. This is a positive change: it is possible to move the soaker around a bit more, and position it to best catch the wee (especially useful for me with two boys!); and also removing the two poppers which attached it on the old pop-ins means that there are no poppers to press on the baby’s back. This was apparently a criticism of the old pop-ins but I can’t say it was something which worried me greatly.
-The adjustment poppers: they have retained the four settings; the very first pop-ins only had three.
-The main change, of course, is the COLOUR! I was extremely happy with the old pop-ins but my only complaint was that the colours were very pastel. Well, it’s no longer a complaint – the new generation pop-ins are available in five fab bright colours, but they are also available in pastel; and I’m told that there are even special colours and <whispers> patterns! Definitely an excellent improvement in my opinion. I also love the different colour edgings – it makes the whole nappy feel a bit more ‘quality’ somehow.

-The feel of the outer shell has also changed. There are pros and cons here – I find the new generation outers a bit synthetic. I mean, I know they’re man made; but the old ones had a lovely soft feel. There were criticisms that they bobbled a bit; no danger with the new ones. They are less likely to go all crackly, I expect, but I did like the feel of the old ones.
-I tried a minky one, which is gorgeous and soft, has superb absorbency, and dries really quickly. This is an excellent thing; but the bamboo soakers are also available.

So, basically, these are the same reliable pop-ins, but with a few tweaks to make them even better. If only I could justify buying one in each colour…but alas, the original pop-ins are still going strong, 4 years on!

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