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Dream dri Pop-In

The Dream Dri nappy really does dry like a dream.  I’ve been using one alongside a set of bamboo pop-ins so it has been subjected to the same conditions and treatment as any other nappy – same child (3-4 months old) and same washing regime/drying conditions.  It comes out of the washing machine practically dry already, and if anything the wrap feels a wee bit damper than the inner!  It performs well in general use and is lightweight and very soft (and this is after repeated washings in a hard water area – the bamboo ones are still doing well but pure cotton nappies seem to harden up a little and need a bit of a tumble dry now and again to keep their softness…).  The only problem that I have found with it is that it doesn’t have the immediate absorbent grab of the natural fibres, which is only a problem when there is a major and startling ‘event’ in the nappy. However, this could also be down to the limited nature of my trial and the Dream Dri’s bad luck to be the nappy in use on the odd occasion when the world falls out of the baby’s bottom…  I really would recommend this nappy as being very easy to use and maintain, ridiculously easy to wash and dry.  It does what is says on the tin, and is a dream to dry.  I have been so impressed that I plan to get a few more to add to the collection, both for their general usefulness and for their quick wash and dry qualities for emergencies (when the washing gets on top of me) and holidays.

Written by one of our customers – Aline Angus

More reviews coming soon!  We’d love to hear your comments!


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7 Responses

  1. Auri Paajanen says:

    The Pop-In Dream Dry does what it says: dries extremely quickly. In fact it feels quite dry when coming out of the washing machine! A big advantage. It absorbs well too, and it’s very light so when wet doesn’t feel as heavy as nappies made with natural materials — we haven’t used it at night-time though.
    The size is very good, our 19-month-old daughter has it on the largest setting and it looks like a usual “large” size nappy.
    I haven’t liked microfiber soakers in the past, but Dream Dry soaker and booster have a different material against the skin (it seems to be same one that is used in some cotton nappies too to give a dry feel) so it could be skin friendlier than what we have had before. From the short use we have had Dream Dry hasn’t caused any skin irritations. However I wouldn’t use Dream Dry as our only nappy option. To top up the nappy collection, yes.

    Auri Paajanen

  2. Jean-Loup says:

    “We’ve been using the bamboo fibre pop-in for about 2 months now so it was a good benchmark to compare the dream-dri with.

    – It dries really fast, about half the time it takes for the bamboo pop-in to dry so this fact alone should reduce the required number of nappies to have at anyone time.
    – It has a soft pad which almost makes the use of liners irrelevant for toddlers.
    – It has an extra choice of size for better fit

    – The microfibre doesn’t feel quite as ‘natural’ as the bamboo, there’s a definite synthetic feel to it.

    Other than that it is pretty much the same as the original pop-in. Overall a good choice for anyone concerned with the time it takes to dry nappies but as for me, organic materials are rather important so I still prefer the original”

  3. Jo says:

    Thank you all for your reviews! The Dream Dri Pop In nappy by Close parent is brand new so these comments are very helpful to anyone trying to make their minds up which nappy to buy. Please keep your reviews coming! Our youngest daughter has just potty trained so we can’t do our own little tests anymore 🙁

    Jo x

  4. Helen says:

    We’ve been using this “Dream Dri” nappy for about 6 weeks now alongside our bamboo pop in nappies. I would definitely recommend this nappy as it works well, is soft and comfortable and dries very fast. Of course, the “Dream Dri” doesn’t perform quite as well as the Bamboo pop in – but that is to be expected as the soaker and booster is made from microfiber.

    I have used the “Dream Dri” nappy over night and it worked well with the “dri nite” booster – however I wouldn’t use it as a night time nappy without the booster (we often use the bamboo pop in nappies overnight with no need for extra boosting)

    If you are thinking of buying this nappy don’t expect it to work as well as the bamboo version. Bamboo fibre is extremely absorbent and holds much more water that cotton or microfiber. If you have used microfiber nappies in the past you won’t be disappointed by the “Dream Dri” nappy.


  5. Lenka says:

    We have been using the new microfibre pop-in nappy for 9 weeks now and have been nothing but impressed with it. Our first impressions of it were already good, they looked well made with good quality material and we nice to look at and felt lovely too. This was only confirmed when we used it on our newborn son. The shell of the nappy is from a robust material so it will take the abuse of washing every other day without a problem. The Velcro is strong and holds in place perfectly. The 4 poppers are also of a good quality, well fitted and of appropriate size. The nappy is easily assembled. We looove the fact that we don’t have to take the whole nappy apart to wash it. All that needs to be done is undoing two poppers and the whole nappy unfolds for a wash. Magic! So putting it back together is just as easy. Saves masses of time. The microfibre material is very pleasant to touch and takes a super short time to dry in comparison to the bamboo version which we also use. We find bamboo more absorbent but because it takes longer to dry, the microfibre version is very useful. Its touch dry coming out of the washing machine and is totally dry in less than half the time of the bamboo drying time.
    We bought 30 nappies altogether and alternate microfibre and bamboo to get the best of both worlds. This works very well with washing every second or third day. Our son is breastfed and still very young so soils pretty much every nappy. Our usage is 7-8 a day so there is plenty of time for washing and drying in between. If you washed every day, you could make do with 15-20 nappies I guess. Overall, we are overjoyed with them. Initially, relatives were trying to put us off saying we are creating more work for ourselves but because the pop in nappy is so easy to use and care for, it only takes as long as it would to constantly run to shops to buy disposables and worry when we are going to run out or if our son is going to grow out of the ‘stock’ we bought. The pop in is 4 in one size, so all you have to do is change the size by adjusting the popper and off you go for another few months. Wouldn’t go back to disposables now (had to use them in hospital). Not to mention the fact that they are very attractive to look at and everyone that sees them here always comments on how nice they are and how comfy they look.
    We bought the nappies from because of their multipack offer as well as a well set up website with photos and lots of instructions, and had a great experience with their customer service, quick delivery, well packaged parcel (sent to Slovakia – arrived in 3 working days) and communication via internet or phone. Very impressive!!! Thank you very much.

  6. Sara says:

    Close Parent Pop-in Dream Dri Nappy

    This nappy works exactly the same as the original pop-in nappies, and have the same fit and look. The outer wrap is in a soft fabric although it is fully waterproof, with poppers to increase the size as your baby grows. They are V2 pop-ins so have a bigger size range to the V1’s (which I also have) The inners – there’s the basic inner, with an extra booster which poppers onto that; there’s also the night-time soaker.
    The main difference with the dream dri version is that instead of being made of bamboo towelling, the soakers are made out of a microfibre fabric. This gives them an odd appearance; one side is smooth and feels a bit synthetic; the other side is quite a fluffy towelling fabric.
    Fit was superb, as with the original pop-ins; the double leg gusset make these very secure and there are no poo leaks with these nappies!
    Performance was also great – the first use, the nappy leaked; but since then they’ve been fine. I still feel that the original pop-ins are more absorbent somehow, and I prefer the feel of the original bamboo pop-ins.
    The downsides – with microfibre, I’d expect a slimmer nappy; these are much the same as the original pop-in. I also didn’t like the synthetic feel of the soakers.
    However, these nappies dried quickly. Put on a bannister overnight, the wrap was ready by the morning (this is also true of the original pop-ins) and the soakers were more or less dry. There’s no need for radiators or tumble driers with these nappies!
    A great nappy, good fit, good design; ideal for someone who needs to dry their nappies quickly. I’m remaining faithful to the original pop-ins though

  7. Nicola says:

    Pop-in dream dri
    The Pop-in Dream Dri, is a fab night nappy, I have a super soaker and it easily goes 8 hours overnight without any leaks. Being Microfibre it dries really quickly even just on the radiator for a few hours, which makes it a fab nappy if you can’t tumble dry. The only real downside of the nappy is it can appear a little bit bulky but I haven’t had any issues getting clothes to fit over them.

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