Pop-In Dream Dri Nappy by Close Parent

 The Close Parent team are about to launch the new Pop-In ‘Dream Dri’ Nappy with microfibre inserts.  Previously the fantastic Pop-In Nappy has only been available with bamboo fabric inside which has it’s own but different advantages. 

Why microfibre?  Well ask anyone who struggles to dry their nappies indoors, microfibre is incredibly fast drying hence the new name The Pop-In ‘Dream Dri’.  Here’s a few of the fantastic properties of microfibre which should help explain why it’s so good to use in a nappy.

  • high density of the material means it can absorb 6-8 times it’s own weight in liquid so it’s super absorbant
  • a comfortable spongy and silky soft material so nice and comfy on babies bottom
  • breathable so great for preventing nappy rashes
  • very resiliant to repeated washing keeping it’s shape and staying strong
  • so absorbant it can even soak up bacteria and germs keeping them away from babies skin
  • quite simply the fastest drying material around

So if fast drying is what you want from your washable nappies then the new Pop-In ‘Dream Dri’ Nappy is the one for you. Due to be launched in early May we’re looking forward the latest offering from the Close Parent team.

15/5/2009 update – The new Pop-In Dream Dri Nappy is now available to buy online at BabiPur

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