Pop-In Bamboo Real Nappy Week offers – up to 20% off!

Pop-In Bamboo Offers

Fantastic deals on the Close Parent Pop-In bamboo range.  If you’ve not tried this nappy or you’re thinking about using washable nappies then why not give our trial pack a go.  We have also got 20% off our normal price of Multipacks and 10% off nite boosters, bamboo wipes & the single nappy.  The Pop-In bamboo is a favourite of ours, it has to be one of the most reliable nappies around!  Shop pop-in bamboo now

Our Pop-In “Dream Dri” stock is perilously low and no new stock is due into the country for another 2 months!  Sorry but we are unable to offer any real nappy week discounts on the Dream Dri at this time 🙁

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