Wooden Toys & Puzzles for Babies & Toddlers

We all know that playing is one of the best ways for kids of all ages to learn a huge number of different skills, from co-ordination to language to maths. And here at Babi Pur we’ve got a great range of baby play puzzles like wooden jigsaws for babies, shape sorters and block toys that will spark little imaginations and get kids thinking outside the box as they build, create, put-together, knock down and sort out. Our selection of wooden block and play puzzle toys are suitable for a huge range of ages – from birth to 7+ years!

Firstly, we love these bright and colourful wooden jigsaws from fair trade toy maker Lanka Kade. They are super cute and recommended for use from around 18 months but they look fab on the toy shelf before this age too. Babies and toddlers love their simple designs and bold colours.  They help babies develop simple problem solving skills, as well as counting and colours.  There’s the Lanka Kade snail 1-10 jigsaw, elephant jigsaw, train 1-10 jigsaw, dolphin 1-5 jigsaw and little baby elephant jigsaw.  All these lovely wooden jigsaws are handmade by skilled artisans in Sri Lanka from rubber wood, and are all Fair Trade.

Baby jigsaw.fw

For slightly older children, and to tap into the problem solving side of a toddler’s brain, as well as honing fine motor skills and hand-eye co-ordination we’ve got these brilliant colourful wooden shape sorters and puzzles. Just line up the shapes and slot them into place. Small children will just love the satisfaction of getting them all right! The Plan Toys Marine Puzzle, featuring your favourite sea creatures, as well as the Plan Toys Vehicle Puzzle, to learn all about planes, trains and automobiles….. These are both suitable for children aged over 12 months.

Plan Toys.fw

Other play puzzles on the Babi Pur shelves include this beautiful wooden stacking toy from Janod. The Janod Rocket is such a simple design, kids love the bold colours and happy, smiling astronaut. This play puzzle separates into five different pieces which are all stacked and held together by magnets to create the colourful rocket. A really lovely, quality and timeless wooden toy.


And we don’t think that play puzzles and blocks are just for small children either. We’ve got lots of great ideas that will entertain older kids, from age 3 upwards. This beautiful Plan Toys castle block set from Plan Toys means your little ones not only get to rule over their own castle, but they can also design and build it exactly how they like. There are 35 pieces in the set, including walls, turrets and even knights with their horses, and it works great on it’s own, or to add to other block sets. We think that this kind of wooden building block set encourages kids to use their imagination through role play and creative thinking.


So whatever your age, Babi Pur will help you have a very happy and creative playtime!




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  1. David Kidner says:

    Great looking toys – but where can I buy them???

  2. Jo says:

    From the Babi Pur website of course 🙂

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