Wooden Play Food

Food, glorious food!

Play food is a great way to encourage a love of healthy eating in children, as they learn all about the different colours and textures of food. Wooden or fabric play food can also be great for teaching children how to share as they play, as well as learning about colours, counting and shape sorting. We think play food is a fantastic addition to any toy box, and we’ve got a brilliant range for you to choose from on the Babi Pur shelves.

Even teeny babies can enjoy fabric play food with these gorgeous fair trade Pebble Cupcake Rattles. These little cupcakes are good enough to eat and babies will love giving them a good old shake to hear the rattle inside. And older children will love to use them for baking and tea-party games too. And they also come in a Doughnut Rattle and an Ice Cream Rattle design too.

knitted toy cakes

For older children who love to mess about with their play kitchens or some good old fashioned tea-party and cooking games, we’ve got loads of great additions to their play foods. Starting with some of the fabric play food, how about this brilliant Haba Grilled Chicken? It looks as good as the real thing! And, the drumsticks and wings are stuck on with velcro so your budding chef can serve up different parts of the chicken for tea.

grilled chicken

And if chicken on it’s own is a bit bland, don’t worry! How about some gorgeous fabric mushrooms? Our Haba Mushroom Pack comes with six cute little fabric ‘shrooms, or the bright and bold Haba Strawberry. Strawberries and chicken anyone, yum!


The wooden play food we have in stock is just brilliant! We absolutely love this fantastic Hape Homemade Pizza, which is made from sustainable wood and all natural and non-toxic paints. It all comes apart so kids can choose their favourite toppings (or throw them all on!), pop it in the play oven and then slice it up with the cute wooden slicer and spatula that comes with the set. Oh, and don’t forget to divide it up for everyone, and not eat it all!

homemade pizza

hape pizza

There are lots of other “slice-able” and “chop-able” wooden play food too, like this adorable Plan Toys Fruit & Vegetable Play Set. All the pieces “cut” in half with the knife, so your little chefs can slice and chop to their hearts content.

wooden veg set

So why not release your childrens’ inner foodies and let them play chef tonight? They’ll serve you up a tasty treat with some delicious and hearty play food from Babi Pur.




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