Plan Toys

Plan Toys Baby Car

Plan Toys Baby Car

Plan Creations Co are based in Thailand and were the first manufacturer of recycled wooden toys.  PlanToys are made from old rubberwood trees which no longer produce latex and prior to PlanToys, these trees would have been burned.

PlanToys were established in 1981 and have provided good jobs to  more than 1200 people in  and around the village of Trang in Thailand.  Sustainable environmental practices and social responsibility come before profit.  All the toys are produced in factories owned by PlanToys which means they can control the quality and safety of the toys as well as the wellbeing of the workers.

The best thing about Plan Toys is the toys themselves, they are just so much fun.  Quality well made wooden toys designed to stimulate a childs imagination and creativity.  So captivating that even mums and dads get hooked playing with them.  One of our favourites is the little wooden caterpillar than magically changes into a butterfly.  Dads favourite has to be the fire engine with its extendable ladder mounted on a rotating turrent. . . fire crew to the rescue! 

Plan Toys – The Green toy company, now available at Babi Pur

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