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Plan Toys Green Dolls House

Plan Toys Green Dolls House

Can a simple wooden toy change the world?  This is what Plan Toys say….

“Can a wooden plaything open children’s hearts to care about the lives of others? Can it enhance their appreciation of nature?  Can a simple toy nurture the development of their bodies and their minds? Can it strengthen their moral values and social relationships?

At Plan Toys we think the answer to all those questions is YES!  That is why we design every one of our toys with the steadfast belief that a simple wooden toy can and will lead to a better tomorrow for our children.”

This new dolls house from Plan toys is not only made in a green and ethical way but also teaches children about living in carbon neutral home.  With a host eco features providing renewable energy this is sure to be the home of the future that our children will be helping to implement.  Arriving in the UK this Autumn we can’t wait!

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