Plan Toys Dolls Houses

Plan Toys Dolls House

The Plan Toys dolls houses are very popular with us here at Babi Pur, we really love the range (especially the Victorian dolls house) The Farmhouse and barn are new to us this year and there are animals and veggie patches too!  We love the way children can get right inside the house and the barn and see what’s going on.  Pictured above is the Plan Toys Barn and there is also a Plan Toys Farm House , Plan Toys Stables , Tractor and wooden farm animals

The little dolls families are great and there are different races to chose from.  The dolls families are the same size and scale as the farmers, firemen, grandparents, workmen etc   This means any doll can have a ride in the tractor & trailer or even the Plan Fire engine.. how cool is that?    We also stock lots of Dolls House furniture and accessories, you can chose from different furniture styles Deco, Traditional, Modern or a mix of all styles.

The best thing about the Plan Toys Dolls house range is the quality.  They really are robust toys which are made to be played with!  They’re beautifully made out of sustainable rubberwood and painted with safe eco friendly dyes.    To view the complete range Plan Toys Dolls House range visit Babi Pur


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