Plan City – Trains, Planes and Automobiles

At Babi Pur we just love Plan Toys City range and we’ve expanded our range which is available here

Plan Toys City

Pictured above is the Plan Toys Railway Station which is one of the best value and largest sets in the Plan Toys road and rail range.  There’s loads of wooden railway track pieces and a road that crosses the track and goes over it, all this packs up neatly into the wooden station that doubles as a storage box. We love the detail and quality of Plan wooden train sets, the connectors between the trains and carriages are non-magnetic and the track is compatible with other popular wooden toy railway brands such as Brio.  You can expand the road or railway track easily and most sets from the Plan City range come with a piece that you can attach the road too, like the Plan Toys Garage , so everything interconnects just like a real city.  Children love to change and build their own city and Dad’s . . . . well er. . .  me actually, can often be found “helping out” too.

New toys we’ve recently added to the Plan Toys City range

City - Road & Rail City Transportation

Plan Toys Road and Rail – Transportation 6216 – One of the larger train sets in the Plan toys range complete with bridges, crossings, two trains and lots of extras.

Plan City Bus Plan City Cargo Truck Plan City Delivery Vans Plan City Mini Trucks Plan City Street Cleaner & Garbage Truck

Plan City Vehicles – No toy city is complete without some cars and trucks.  As well as some old favourites we now have in stock more Plan city Vehicles.

City - Road & Rail Standard

Plan Toys Road and Rail Standard – A great starter set with one train and one car.

Great quality wooden toy train sets which can easily be expanded and are loads of fun to play with.  Plan Toys City range is available at Babi Pur here


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