Pili Pala

Pili Pala

As you probably already know… we’re Welsh ! So we’re really excited to be bringing you a range of  children’s clothing designed and made in Wales.  Pili Pala childrenswear have a range of beautiful clothing, blankets and booties for babies and children made from ethically sourced materials and made in a factory in Wales.  The designs are bright, funky, comfortable and practical too.. part of their appeal is that they’re a bit  ‘different’ check out the jumpsuits below….

These fabulously funky jumpsuits available in sizes 12 months to 5 years are great for little boys or girls.  They’re perfect all year round.. great for snuggling up in the autumn or winter, fantastic for summer festivals and a real must have for the beach.  We absolutely LOVE them!

We’d LOVE to know what you think of Pili Pala.. also, do you know what ‘Pili Pala’ means..?  comment below with your thoughts on Pili Pala AND by completing the following sentence for your chance to win one of 3 £5 Babipur vouchers

“Pili Pala is Welsh for…………………….”

(we’ll randomly choose 3 comments to receive a £5 voucher later tonight 10.5.12)

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47 Responses

  1. Rhoda says:

    It means butterfly.x

  2. Rhoda says:

    eep sorry wrong format – got carried away!

    Pili Pala is Welsh for Butterfly

  3. Victoria Wynn says:

    Means Butterfly 🙂

  4. Angela says:

    It means butterfly

  5. Emily says:

    1. My thoughts on Pili Pala –
    – they’re really cool
    – I want to buy the jumpsuit!
    – well done for stocking a local brand

    2. Pili Pala is Welsh for Butterfly

  6. Sarah says:

    Butterfly! (Okay I may have had to google that.)

    I’ve just been having a quick look at their website and I love the colours, I do like nice brights on small people.

  7. Enola says:

    Pili Pala is Welsh for Butterfly 🙂

  8. Lucy Daly says:

    The Pili Pala range is fab – great, funky colours, and they look so comfy.

    Pili Pala is welsh for butterfly.

  9. Eilidh Fairfoul says:

    Wow, these are gorgeous clothes. What’s not to love about colourful stripes? And they look practical too, always a great bonus with a LO.
    And I think pili pals means butterfly.

  10. Sarah D says:

    loving the stripes !!
    pili pala is welsh for butterfly


  11. Tanya A says:

    Aww love the blue stripes gorgeous pili pala welsh for butterfly would love to win one xx

  12. Kirsty souter says:

    Butterfly 🙂

  13. Jenna Walters says:

    Pili pala is Welsh for butterfly

  14. jaymee heaton says:

    pili pala is welsh for butterfly 🙂

    ha ^ impression of butterfly not very good!

  15. Jen Dixon says:

    I love the bright funky designs and the fact that they are made from recycled / organic cotton! I guess this is a silly question if your stocking them, but are they cut4cloth?

    Pili Pala is Welsh for………………….Butterfly!

    What a beautiful name! :0)

  16. EmilyS says:

    I love those- they look so comfortable and soft!

    Pili Pala is Welsh for butterfly

  17. Sarah Mollins says:

    Pili Pala clothes are awesome! Especially the stripe velour babygro and matching hat :o)
    Pili Pala is Welsh for butterfly xx

  18. Amiee Stitt says:

    butterfly 🙂

  19. Claire Breward says:

    Pili Pala is Welsh for Butterfly
    Loving the jumpsuits going to be getting some for my 2 boys, Flynn and Freddie, ready for festival season! Keep up the good work!
    Claire Breward xxx

  20. adeela hussain says:

    Pili Pala is Welsh for butterfly….

  21. Emma Ann Scott says:

    Pili pala is welsh for butterfly

    I would love a voucher to buy some little booties – the welsh marino wool ones so cute x

  22. Lisa says:

    Looks very snuggly, pili pala is welsh for butterfly

  23. Ruth says:

    Pili Pala is welsh for butterfly .
    I did not know that I admit I had too look it so learnt something new today 🙂

    Am loving the jumpsuits would be fab for a trip to the beach this summer (pah summer it rains all the time) x

  24. Rebecca ring says:

    Butterfly is pilli pala

  25. Christina Latter says:

    The clothes look lovely, colours so bright.

    Pili Pala is Welsh for butterfly

  26. Sam Newland says:

    Pili Pala is Welsh for Butterfly <3

    I love the vibrant colours and just love the jumpsuits and the red and blue stripe top 🙂 My little girl looks fab in stripes but hey, I'm bias 🙂

  27. Natasha P says:

    Pili Pala is Welsh for butterfly.

    I love the bright unisex colours – so nice to have something gender neutral!

  28. emma d says:

    butterfly 😀

  29. Elle says:

    their clothes look fun & colourful, I love it!!! xxx

  30. Angela Jones says:

    it means butterfly!
    Clothes are fab love the variety and the colours so different from what you get in the shops

  31. Rebecca says:

    Pili Pala is Welsh for BUTTERFLY.
    This is some awesome childrens wear! Unique and cute. I love the fact it’s made in Wales, a yet the materials are ethically sourced which is helping support fair trading in other countries… I’m all for that! I also think my peanut would look super duper cute in one of those jumpsuits, perfect for those summer evenings in Canada.

  32. Laura Martin says:

    Wow, these are a bit cool aren’t they! I love brights and funky clothes for the kids – these are perfect and would pass down really well!

    Pili-pala is Welsh for Butterfly xx

  33. susanne wedel says:

    after googling Pili Pala, I also found butterfly as an answer. 🙂

  34. susanne wedel says:

    and I love them. we spend lots and lots of time on the beach. perfect!

  35. Polly Keep says:

    mae’n wir bod ‘pili- pala’ yn saesneg ydy ‘butterfly’- Roedd ‘na fy nghynaf gair yn cymraeg!

    it’d true that pili pala is butterfly in english- it was my first word in welsh!

    dygwr ers tair mlynedd
    (learning for 3 years now!)

  36. Suze says:

    Pili Pala is Welsh for butterfly. Those jumpsuits are really cute.

  37. jobeama says:

    Pili pala is Welsh for butterfly
    We recently bought some of their velour dungarees & they’re gorgeous! So soft & great quality, also a bit quirky which I really like 🙂

  38. lucy says:

    Pili-pala is Welsh for butterfly.

    What lovely bright & vibrant clothes for kids!

  39. kat says:

    pili pala is butterfly and I didn’t have to google because we know from going to pili pala’s on anglesey! I LOVE the jumpsuits!!! Love, love love and love they are a welsh company! 🙂

  40. Karen Pugsley says:

    Lovely bright colours!


  41. Vicky says:

    Pili Pala is welsh for butterfly!

    Love the jumpsuits

  42. Gwen says:


  43. Lella says:

    Pili Pala is welsh for poisonous needle tusked wooly mammoth (that’s right, isn’t it…?)

    Love the jumpsuits, there’s not much organic clothes for under 12 months though! I’ll just have to wait 😉

  44. Sophia Payne says:

    Flutterby! (ok.. maybe I spelt that wrong)

  45. Sophia Payne says:

    Oh.. and I LOVE the stripes.

  46. phillipa selfe says:

    It means butterfly. They look really comfy and fun! X

  47. Jo says:

    OK we’re closing this one now.

    Winning comments are

    44, 37 and 15

    Please email shop@babipur.co.uk with your email address and we’ll get the vouchers sent 🙂

    Thanks for looking

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