Piccalilly Christmas Gift Ideas

Organic baby clothing

Organic and Fairtrade clothes for babies and young children from Piccalilly.  Lots of us buy clothes for the special little people in our life at Christmas so we thought we’d give you a few ideas from one of our favourite companies, Piccalilly.  Piccalilly make some of the best quality clothes we have ever used!  Wash, wear, wash, wear they just stay looking like new!  Must be something to do with all those organic and Fairtrade certified cotton fibres.

cowboy playsuit

leggingsGo Dotty Playsuit

From the top, we just love the Piccalilly dressing gowns for children.  A really lovely and luxurious, they are beyond the softest most snuggly things ever, if only they made adult sizes! !  Cowboy playsuit looks very cool, the bright red feet are especially cute.  Bib and burb sets are a great idea and made a great gift, a bib to keep baby’s clothes clean and a matching burp cloth to throw over your shoulder when you’re erm  . . burping.  The little spotty sets come in blue or pink spots and have been a best selling newborn gift in our high street shop, it’s easy to see why when you see a baby dressed in one.  Pick and mix leggings are lovely and soft so kids can play freely and happily but we love the bright stripes too, there’s loads of different outfits to make in the pick and mix range, green, pink, vests, leggings, trousers and more.  Last but not least the spotty blue playsuit, there’s a girls version as well!

So click on the Piccalilly page at Babi Pur to find some scrummy Piccalilly gifts for children aged 0 to 5


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