Pebble Toys – Fair Trade Crochet Toys

Little Hathi,  UK distributors of the Pebble Toys and gifts are a  friendly family company based in Wales.  Little Hathi don’t think you should have to choose between beautiful products and fair trade values. They believe you can have both, and they’re committed to sourcing ethical and fair trade toys that are irresistibly cute and cuddly.

Every member of the Pebble family is lovingly hand sewn or crocheted in Bangladesh. The artisans are paid a fair wage and the employment which has been created for them is local, flexible and safe.

Little Hathi have been working closely with the Pebble brand since it was launched.  They’re very proud to be associated with this pioneering business which we believe will make a difference to so many lives in rural Bangladesh.

Little Hathi are also thrilled that there are plans in the near future to produce every item in the Pebble range with official FLO (Fairtrade Labelling Organisations) labels, which is currently unavailable for this kind of product. The FLO label is instantly recognisable to shoppers; it’s the one that’s used on everyday products like bananas, coffee and chocolate. By introducing new processes, the Pebble brand is hoping to lead the way for the handicraft and toy sector to be FLO labelled.

Come and meet some of the Pebble family.

“My name’s Copyn and I love my stripes. I’m always smiling and if you shake me gently you can hear me rattle.

I’m made of 100% washable cotton, and my friends and I are all fair-trade toys. This means that the ladies who made me will be paid an honest wage and have good working conditions. Good jobs help them to look after their families.”

“Hello, I’m Gwdi and I’m a podgy little baby owl. My wings haven’t grown much yet, so I can’t fly away, but I know you’ll love my big blue eyes.

I’ve got a rattle inside, so I can make lots of noise, and if I get messy I love going for a spin in the washing machine.”

As well as adorable toys and rattles, Pebble make cute cotton booties, knitted tea sets and crochet make believe cakes that are almost sweet enough to eat. The toys are unique, quirky and so cute, that our team of young testers for Little Hathi have already fallen in love with them.

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