Park Life!

In this wet April, full of showers and flash downpours, it was a small ray of fun and smiles to get out to the park today to kick about in the blossom. A perfectly pink day.

I met up with my pal Fionna and daughter Elin, who was a bit more prepared for rolling around in the carpet of petals. One red overall in adult size please!

I also met with some friends for stroll around San Ffagan on Thursday. We were showing a Norwegian friend one of the jewels of Cardiff – with cottages, churches, terrace houses, prefab housing, farms a village shop and much more from the past, lovingly carried brick by brick from all over Wales. It was great exercise with the buggies, the fresh scones & bread from the bakery delicious, and the visitors centre had a cosy cafe where we spent few hours gassing. Another fun (nearly dry) day out.

Let’s hope May has some brighter weather for more mini adventures.

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