Our Six Months of Cloth – Mama McCann’s Diary of Cloth

We’re fast approaching our first six months of using cloth and I have to say that I am so looking forward to the next stage of Fizz’s cloth bum adventure.

As Fizz fast approaches her 1st Birthday I am, as most Mums do, evaluating our 1st year together and also what I can take on next year.

We intend to stick to cloth our collection of Flips, V3’s, V4’s and Original Pop Ins – the flips have now taken over as our day nappy where as the others are perfect for night time and do well overnight. The Itti Bitti wet bag was a great find, more expensive than the Original Pop In tote but the zip lock was a welcome addition for our nursery too.

Our nursery always seem to have a weekly compliment for the flip, they seem to much prefer these to the all in one BG’s and it is becoming very rare now that Fizz ever comes home in a disposible (only when explosive situations have made it impossible to reuse the outers).

For me I know that I’ll have saved at least a 1000 nappies from landfill. When we have in desperation used a disposible we have tried to make sure it’s a eco friendly one. I’ll have saved over £150 and I’ll have given Fizz’s skin the best it can be clothed in. I’m even contacting local hospitals this month to see who stocks cloth and if they could maybe think about supllying new mums with fluff!

So how are you finding your cloth adventure?

Chelle McCann

I am married to Gav and mummy of a gorgeous girl who arrived 11 days late in December 2009. I started blogging in 2009 when I was 17 weeks pregnant after becoming frustrated reading pregnancy books and wanting something a bit more open and honest. I started to write for a local newspaper and loved being able to share all things mummy, wife and life related, sometimes whingeing but positive also! I love music and reading but am currently immersed in anything baby related. I love my life!

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  1. Penny says:

    The Flips are a bit of a mainstay for us too! Although sadly (and happily!) I have a bit of a cloth addiction now and I am yet to actually save any money! Arthur is coming up to one now too and I am proud to say its a rare moment he’s in a disposable these days (especially now we have found night nappies to hold his wees!). Thanks for sharing your adventure…

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