Organic Muslin Swaddles

Luxuriously soft and finely woven,  organic cotton muslin wraps are lightweight and breathable making them the perfect choice for parents who choose to swaddle their newborn baby.   Swaddling is an ancient practice that’s used in a variety of cultures and is said to help soothe and calm babies.  If you choose to swaddle your baby we’d recommend doing some research first to ensure it is done safely and also allowing enough room for healthy hip development.

Muslin swaddles aren’t just for swaddling though, when it comes to babies, every parent knows that there is one thing that must be at arm’s reach ALL the time and in EVERY room…… Where would parents across the world be without handy muslin swaddle?

They are useful for just about every messy eventuality – be it at feeding time to mop up dribbles, to catch a burp with more than you bargained for, to put over your shoulder before winding, or even just to wipe your little one’s milky mouth.

organic starry swaddles

Here’s our top ten (actually top 12, because they are so handy!) of ultimate uses for organic cotton muslins ……

  • An all-round feeding time cloth – for dribbles, spills and burps.
  • Fold up a muslin swaddle as a make-shift dribble or feeding bib.
  • A fast drying muslin makes a perfect first nappy for newborn babies who need changing frequently.
  • Use a muslin to help when breastfeeding – whether as a cloth to catch leaks while feeding or to keep you warm.
  • For dribbly or sicky babies, put a muslin square in the cot or basket so you don’t have to change the sheets after every sleep.
  • Put one over your shoulder before burping your baby to save your top.
  • Use a muslin swaddle  as a soft and washable tissue if your baby has a cold.
  • Place a muslin square on a changing table under your baby when you’re out and about to protect them from nasties. Or use one to warm up a cold changing mat.
  • Peg them to the pram as a sun-shade on a hot day.
  • Use as a lightweight blanket or comforter for your baby.
  • Play peek-a-boo baby with them.
  • When your babies outgrow them, upcycle them into dusters!

And what’s more, muslin squares are very easy to wash, they dry quickly and they don’t take up much room in the changing bag. Who would be without them? We’ve got a great selection of organic muslin swaddles here at Babi Pur. Not only is organic cotton better for your baby because it’s soft,  contains no chemical nasties and so is perfect for delicate newborn skin, it is also better for the environment and is produced to high ethical standards.

Organic and fair-trade children’s clothes supplier Picallilly have some gorgeous designs and patterned muslins. In fact, they are starting to become well known for their brilliant range of organic muslins.

The Autumnal muslins feature patterns inspired by the autumn season that’s just coming up. Choose from the cute paw, starry cobweb or autumn leaf design.

autumn baby swaddles t There are also star prints, cute strawberries, rainy clouds, funky London busesmarching London guardsadorable red hearts and aqua blue fishes. Just gorgeous! Picalilly London Muslins t Seaside_organic_muslin t Our new Autunm/Winter Frugi range has some adorable organic muslins.  We love the lovely Dino Parade pattern and the colourful flower power prints, look out for the matching Frugi playsuits & babygrows and also some cute coordinating cloth nappies coming very soon! frugi swaddle Have you got any unusual uses for baby muslins? Let us know in the comments box below. You’ll find our complete range of organic muslin squares here Sioned



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