Organic Hand Sanitiser by Green Baby

We recently sent out some samples of the Organic Hand Sanitiser by Green Baby to some of our customers for their reviews. Read on to find out what they thought, and please add your comments if you’ve tried this product

Review of GreenBaby Hand Sanitiser by Jo Rogers
At 99ml the amount you get compares well to most other brands, the majority of others I have tried are normally 50ml. Despite having more in it its still plenty small enough to fit in any handbag, changing bag or even a pocket. I was suprised that it is more watery than other hand sanitisers I have used and at first I was a little dubious as I thought it would be more difficult to manage, however as the top is designed well you have to squeeze the bottle for any to come out so it doesn’t spill and the second you stop squeezing the flow of sanitiser stops. this does mean that despite its more watery consistency its not any more difficult to use than a more gel type. I was impressed by the lack of smell, there was a very slight alcohol smell that lasts a couple of seconds but you have to get your nose very close to notice! Once you have started rubbing it into your hands there is absolutely no smell at all. Equally impressive is the lack of residue feeling on your hands, many of the other sanitiser products I’ve used have left the hands feeling sticky, however there is none of that problem with this one and I felt comfortable using and straight away picking up food. My partner has dry skin problems on his hands and some sanitisers aggravate this problem, however the Green Baby one has, if anything, improved the condition as he doesnt have to use soap and water so often. I too notice my hands are softer after using the sanitiser and as such find myself using it more regularly. As I have sensitive skin its important to me that this one is 100% natural as many chemical products irritate my skin, I have had absolutely no problems when using the Green Baby sanitiser several times a day.
We took the sanitiser to the NEC Baby Show on the 24th May as we didnt really want to have to queue for toilets to wash hands before eating, it proved to be invaluable, slipped easily into pockets and just meant that after my 5yr old had been playing I was confident his hands were suitable to be handling the food and putting in his mouth. We even used some of the sanitiser on a tissue to wipe a dirty table! Initially I thought that the product was fairly expensive, however, after two weeks of use we have only used 1/4 of the bottle and considering the number of times we have used it on three of us I’m very pleasantly suprised and would not say that it represents very good value for money, even when compared to supermarket own brands. I would say not to be put off by the purchase price as I can imagine with normal use one bottle would last a considerable amount of time. I would definitely, already have in fact, recommend it to a friend. It is by far the best hand sanitiser I have used and I will be buying again!

Review of Green Baby Hand Sanitizer by Charlotte E Gray
As a Mum of two little ones and a user of cloth nappies I have a lot of use for hand sanitizer. Usually I pick up a small bottle of whichever brand I find in the supermarket. I usually have a couple on the go at once, one in my handbag and one by the nappy changing station. It’s not a substitute for hand washing but I seem to get through a lot of the stuff regardless. It’s strange really because I’m not a clean freak but I digress! Anyway, I’d run out of my pots of stuff when I spotted Jolene from asking for volunteers to review Green Baby Hand Sanitizer on Facebook so I jumped in quick to offer my services!

I received it the very next day and wasted no time getting on and using it!

The gel is 100% natural, 62% organic and claims to be odourless and moisturising. It’s 60% organic alcohol and enriched with organic aloe vera. Free from parabens.

So yes, it is virtually odourless, if anything I detect a very light “clean” scent. And yes it seems to leave my hands soft. The previous sanitizers I have used all left my hands feeling a bit dry. The bottle is larger than the usual sizes I buy for my handbag but thats ok, my handbag’s massive! Would I buy again? Yes I would, it’s £6.99 for 99mls and this will be my brand of choice from now on!

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