Organic Cotton Baby Comforters – Toddels Pastel design

Fizz has now started nursery and I had been looking for something a bit different to send as a comforter with her.

Nursery only allows baby to take one comforter and no toys and I wanted Fizz to have something a little bit different to take.

I phoned Babi Pur to speak to Jolene and got another of the lovely Babi Pur staff. I talked about the two items I had seen and after a discussion and advice on colours I picked the yellow rabbit.

The rabbit is a lovely yellow/pumpkin colour and it’s long ears are perfect for tying to a bag/pushchair so it won’t get lost.

It has been a hit! Rather than going to nursery it has stayed in Fizz’s cot while we have been implementing a sleep training technique and hasn’t left her side during naps and sleepy time.

So now I am on the hunt again to find another equally funny comforter for nursery! Or maybe I should just buy rabbit in it’s alternative colour?

Chelle McCann

I am married to Gav and mummy of a gorgeous girl who arrived 11 days late in December 2009. I started blogging in 2009 when I was 17 weeks pregnant after becoming frustrated reading pregnancy books and wanting something a bit more open and honest. I started to write for a local newspaper and loved being able to share all things mummy, wife and life related, sometimes whingeing but positive also! I love music and reading but am currently immersed in anything baby related. I love my life!

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