Organic Autumnal warmth by Welsh brand Pili Pala

It’s a glorious day here in Wales with the sun shining – a real autumnal treat!

Without wanting to sound too much like a misery-guts, I’m afraid that all good things have to come to an end and I’m sure that this fine weather won’t last for long. 

If your tiny tots could do with something to keep them warm and snug in the autumn chill, we highly recommend Pili Pala Childrenswear’s range.  Made from organic cotton or a mix of organic cotton and recycled fabric, your children will be snug as a bug in a rug whilst looking über trendy with the Scandinavian inspired range, which is made here in Wales.  Their funky clothes can be mixed and matched and being largely unisex, passed from one sibling to another – talk about being green!

One of the best items is their brown and green jumpsuit which is a fantastic cover-all.  It’s great for those times when your kids have managed to cover themselves from head to toe in paint, chocolate or anything else that comes to hand and you have to strip them down to their nappy or vest.  Throwing on one of the Pili Pala jumpsuits is a great solution.  They’re also handy for putting over clothes when it’s just a bit nippy or even after swimming when your skin goes a bit sticky and you’d rather be in something loose and comfy.  Go on, give it a go, we guarantee you won’t be disappointed!

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