Organic at Heart On the Go Baby Cleansing Spray

This spray is made of natural organic ingredients and has a multitude of uses for both mother and baby.  It can be sprayed on a tissue or cotton wool and used instead of a baby wipe.  For mum it can be used as a facial spritzer or toner and you can even use it to wipe down surfaces such as your baby’s high chair.  This mildly antiseptic spray contains Lavender, Aloe and Which Hazel. It costs £4 and is available to buy online from the Organic at Heart website


Below is a quick review by Sara who uses the spray regularly to cleanse her baby’s bottom –


“This is a handy spray for use with washable wipes or flannels to clean and freshen, instead of using chemical wet wipes. The spray is effective – the bottle looks small but it goes a long way (particularly if sprayed on a damp cloth), and it smells delicious. It would be difficult to say whether it is an effective cleanser, any more than water is; but it makes a pleasant addition to a changing bag and is all natural. I would give this product 4/5”


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