Nuts in May!

As we welcome the summer months we’ve jumped the gun a little in this household and went glamping last weekend. Yes, ‘glamping’, glamorous-camping, and it was at the stunning location of Manorafon Sea Camp, the little sister of the successful Fforest, in West Wales, near Cardigan. Here’s Tegan chilling in our dome.

The area is always a favourite haunt as we drive around Poppit Sands, Mwnt, Llangranog, and Aberaeron, but adding this wonderful quiet campsite to the mix was another level of happy. It felt a little like landing in teletubbyland! In front of our pod nothing but meadow, the sea in the distance, the sunsets spectacular, and the birdsong constant all day. The website is appropriately called Cold At Night and boy was it! Tegan’s first camping trip was a typical Welsh experience of getting used to sleeping with all your clothes on!

There’s still something amazing about sleeping under canvas hearing the rain lashing down, the owls hooting at night, and the dawn chorus in all its glory in the morning. Just like my favourite film – Nuts in May (by Mike Leigh).

We’ve also got a new little friend that came with us over the weekend  (you can find them on the Babi Pur website) its Osian the Octopuss. At this nearly 4 month stage of chewing fingers, and grasping objects, its just the right size, shape, colour and weight for Tegan. Whether I’m dangling him above and shaking his tentacles, or if she’s holding him, and hearing his soft rattle, and chewing his tentacles – the crochet octopus rattle toy is the perfect friend.

Tegan & Osian the Octopuss

Its been a fun month all round with a day down Cardiff Bay last week to celebrate Norway Independence Day at the Norwegian Church. The day included a special cafe stop at the National Assembly building, which by the way has the poshest baby changing rooms I’ve ever encountered (I should’ve taken a picture). The cafe is apparently open to the public, and I do recommend a visit to the building – its stunning in every way.

Natalie & Moli-Nel in the Assembly Caff.

(from left) Rhian, Ella, Sian, Amelda, Me & Tegan, Natalie, Moli-Nel, Anne-Marie & Christian.

We also walked in the lovely May weather (ahem) across the Cardiff Barrage, marvelling at the views. Its one of these walks that provides ample entertainment, with boats of all sorts zipping about, landscaped grounds, an outdoors gym, views of Penarth, the Bay behind you and Flatholm and Steepholm islands, and on a prettier day a little train to take you back!

Talking of walks, I’ve heard that there’s a new book out by my favourite camping books, the Cool Camping range, called Beautiful Buggy Walks  – I’m looking forward to getting hold of a copy soon and trying out a few.

All this outdoors living is certainly keeping me fit, and no I’m not about to start jogging around the park with the buggy, that’s a step too far if you ask me!

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