NEW Version 2 Pop-in Nappy by Close Parent

To coincide with the launch of the new ‘Dream Dri’ nappy – Close parent have brought out the new and improved ‘version 2’  to replace original bamboo pop-in nappy.  So now we have two pop in nappies, the original bamboo (new and improved version 2) and the ‘dream dri’ pop-in. 

So what’s changed? we hear you ask… well the outer shell is now slightly bigger and stronger to provide a better fit for older and younger babies.  It now has 4 rows of poppers on the front (instead of 3) which gives you 4 different size settings.  The version 2 pop in nappy is designed to comfortably fit larger children who are close to potty training age.  The soaker and booster within the outer shell has not changed so the nappy is slim fitting as ever!  These small adjustments make an already superb nappy even better.

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6 Responses

  1. Finn says:

    I was a late convertor to washable nappies and started using them on my daughter when she was 20 months. I used the first version Pop In nappy until she was potty trained at 27 months and they fit her to the end. I then passed them on to my friend’s little boy who’s around the same age and they were a bit tight on him and I wrote to Close Parent at the time. I’m very impressed that they have listened their customers! The Pop In is a great nappy and I will be buying more soon, my second child is due in September.

  2. Nicola Light says:

    The reviews of the pop-in are very good but I just didn’t get on with the pop-in sadly. The bamboo version takes forever to dry, although the fabric is nice and I am attracted to the anti-bacterial properties. The dream dry was very fast drying which was great. The pop-in is easy to use although it takes a bit of getting used to all those poppers. The colours are fun and it’s not too bulky – although with the night booster it gets pretty big! Sadly I found the nappy to leak after 3 hours so chose to continue with the Bum Genius which I find more reliable.

  3. Helen says:

    I have to say that whilst the pop-in’s are great, the size has been an issue for us, I bought them when my daughter was about 14 months and they were ok, yet now at 19 months they’re too tight, especially with the night time boosters in. Thankfully I’m expecting no2 any day now, so they will get more use, but I wouldn’t describe the ones I had as BTP (my
    daughter is quite a big girl though, hope the V2 are a fair bit bigger.

  4. peter says:

    The V2 sizing on the Pop-In nappy is designed to fit smaller and bigger babies better. All Close Parent Pop in nappies available from BabiPur are the new V2

  5. Elaine says:

    The pop-in nappy is great. They are very reliable and the fit is great. Unfortunately, the cover does not wash well. It looks bobbly, dull and the velcro loses some of its “stick”. But none of this affects the nappys performance and I would recommend them to anyone!

  6. Angela Ward says:

    Again another nappy I love. With the dri-night booster in it is quite bulky but I hardly needed it. Love the colours as they are unisex. big fan

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