New Stripy Bamboozle Stretch by Totsbots

totsbots stretchy

We’ve just taken delivery of these lovely bamboozle stripy nappies from Totsbots and we think you’ll love them!  The Bamboozle stretch is an award winning nappy with super duper absorbency powers  so an ideal nappy for night time use or for heavy wetters.  The  bamboozle stretch fabric is really soft too  so very comfortable on your baby’s delicate bottom.  Did we mention award winning?  Mother & Baby Gold award winner for the last 2 years if you please!  

This new stripy version is the same gold award winning nappy but it’s had a cool face lift and now comes in three variations with funky stripes.  The colour combinations are Thistle (Purple and green) Sunset (Orange and red) and Splosh (Turquoise blue and brown) and they’re available in standard sizes 1 and 2.  The Size 1 stripy bamboozle fits from new born to around 18lbs and has a sizing popper on the front for a perfect fit while the popular size 2 bamboozle stripes fits from 9-35 lbs so actually makes a brilliant birth to potty nappy.

Tots Bots Bamboozles are two part nappies designed to be used with a wrap/cover.  You can use any wrap you like or combine them with  Tots Bots FlexiWraps  for a great fit and one of the best performing nappies available.

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