New Plan Toys Wooden Bath Toys

“Wooden bath toys? Are you kidding?”

We kid you not, Plan Toys have launched a new range of wooden bath toys and they’ve just landed her at Babi Pur Towers. They’re all coated with a waterproof finish which is what makes them perfect for bath time. Maybe even the paddling pool (fingers cross the Great British weather shows us some sun again this summer)!

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“We all live in a yellow submarine, yellow submarine, yellow submarine” – This song has been stuck in my head since the moment I saw this wonderful little toy! Pop the explorer in his seat and use the rubber propeller to dive deep down into the depths of the sea.

Speed Boat
speed boat blog

Speed across the water in this awesome green speed boat.

Coast Guard Boat
coast guard EI 1

With a life guard appropriately dressed in a life jacket, you’re ready to come to everyone’s rescue in the bright red coast guard boat. Wearing a life jacket (safety first!), there’s a life guard who can be lifted out of the seat.

Activity Boat
activity boat t

Go fishing in this wonderful boat. With a fishing hook on the back of the boat what will be your catch of the day? A fish? Starfish? You may even be lucky enough to find a turtle!

Water Landing Net
water net t

Discover different flows of water with this water landing set. Pass the water between two bowls (watch out, the water escapes from the blue one!) and scoop up the sea animals with the net.

Sea Life Bath Set
sealife t

Watch the sea creatures fill up with water and sink to the bottom of the bath or float them on the water surface. Either way, your little one is sure to be entertained and will look forward to bath time!

Why Plan Toys? Well, they using chemical free, kiln dried wood taken from the exhausted rubber tree that would otherwise be burnt. They use non-flammable, non-toxic glue on all their wooden products and use water based paint dyes. The Plan Toys factory uses solar power and biomass energy.

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