New Janod Musical Instruments for Children now in stock!

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We’ve just had delivery of these wonderful musical instruments for children by Janod.  We loved unpacking the boxes and discovering these beautiful quality instruments. We couldn’t resist buying the tambourine for our girls and Nic has bought the shaking eggs and the maracas for baby Isla who loves them (video review coming soon!)

1. Janod Confetti Guitar

This beautiful guitar is scaled to around a quarter of a standard size  so it’s a great size for scaled down little people!  It has 6 adjustable steel strings and 12 frets.   Suitable for children aged 3 and above, this would make a wonderful gift and a great introduction to string instruments!

2. Janod Confetti Shaking Eggs

Percussion instruments give babies and children exciting ways to make music and discover rhythm with their own instruments! These eggs are suitable from just 12 months so they make a great first instrument or rattle.

3. Janod Confetti Tambourine

The Janod tambourine makes a fantastic noise when you tap shake or drum! The quality of this tambourine really stands out and we think it would be great for schools, music groups and playgroups.  Tap along to your favourite music.. no lessons required!

4. Janod Barbells Confetti Maracas

These classic stylish maracas look great and make a very satisfying noise!  Suitable for babies over 12 months as a rattle and great for older children too.

5.  Janod Maxi Xylophone

We love xylophones here at Babi Pur, which is why we sell so many different ones!  This large xylophone by Janod has 15 tuneful notes so your children can learn to play lots of different songs on it.



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