New 2013 FuzziBunz Elite

fuzzibunz new 2013

New FuzziBunz 2013 nappies are here!   FuzziBunz are a great every day stash nappy with a unique one-size system, tried and tested and with a few subtle improvements and some new colours too.  At first glance the new FuzziBunz looks just like the old one so what’s new….

  • Wider and bigger pocket so you can fit more inserts in when needed and stuffing is made easier
  • Larger rise and wider nappy means FuzziBunz now fits bigger babies better
  • Microfibre inserts offer more absorbency
  • New leg elastic is easier to adjust with wider holes and stretchier elastic
  • More poppers on the front for a more adjustable fit

FuzziBunz retains the features that make it popular, a solid reliable nappy that makes using real nappies easy.  The thing that sets FuzziBunz apart from other brands is the way the sizing works.  Leg and waist elastic is adjusted using buttons and holes, once you have the nappy on the right size you don’t need to adjust again until your baby grows.  This method is a little more fiddly than other brands with the sizing poppers on the front but it offers a more customisable fit, being able to adjust the rear waist elastic is a big advantage.  FuzziBunz offer a lifetime warranty on their snaps which is fantastic, they’ll also provide replacement leg elastic for FREE making them a great investment.

There’s some funky new prints too, puzzle and swirl

fuzzibunz puzzlefuzzibunz swirl

If you’re new to cloth nappies and FuzziBunz then here’s some of the basics explained.

Pocket nappy – FuzziBunz elite is a pocket nappy which means it has a hole (pocket) at one end which you stuff the absorbent inserts into.  The nappy has a waterproof outer and a stay dry fleece layer on top which keeps your baby’s bottom feeling dry.

One size- FuzziBunz elite is a one-size nappy that fits form birth to 35lbs

Microfibre inserts – stuff these inserts in the nappy and they will absorb your baby’s wee.  At night time or if you baby is a heavy wetter you may need to stuff more inserts in.  Each FuzziBunz elite comes with 2 inserts.

New FuzziBunz Elie are available now at Babi Pur 




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8 Responses

  1. Anna Gibson says:

    I’d love to write a review for you! I am the go to person for nappy advice, I revive emails daily asking for nappy advice from parents and would love to trike this nappy and write a review for you!

  2. Emily-rose Phelps says:

    I would love to try out a sample and write out a review.I am currently using cloth nappies on my nearly 8month old.

  3. Sarah F says:

    I’d love to write a review for you, been using various cloth nappies for nearly a year now on my own, and first used them nearly 30 years ago when I used to change my baby brother’s terry cloth covered bum.

    Also, delighted to see the Fuzzibunz have brought out a black nappy. I know my kiddo would love to be a nappy ninja!

  4. Gemma Roberts says:

    I would love to write a review for you as I’m addicted to cloth nappies! My little boy also loves wearing them and I’m pretty sure he’d like to try a new nappy out! X

  5. lavinia says:

    Hello! Please let me review the beautiful swirly nappy! Nearly 4 weeks ago we bought home our super soaking, dynamic pooping, ferocious farting, boobie beast of a boy, Kelvin. I really want to find cloth nappies that this wee man’s business can’t escape out of the side of, and are as fuss free as possible for me and his ham-hands-on daddy; we’d love to give these a go! Thanks

  6. Joana Sereno says:

    I would certainly have a go at writing a review on it, I have so many different nappies to try with my little one on the way, can’t wait to figure out which will suit me and him best!

  7. Elle says:

    I’d like to review this nappy, I’ve wanted to try out FuzziBunz for ages but can’t afford to buy one at the moment. I love Babipur and have been a loyal customer of yours for a good few years now and have done reviews on your site. We’ve been using cloth for almost 5 years now, my youngest son is 23 months. Keeping my fingers crossed.:)

  8. Ruth says:

    Hi, I’d love to try out a new fuzzi bunz nappy on my 5 month old daughter. Most of her nappies are her sisters hand me downs and the Velcro fastenings we used for her are all a little on the sad side now and I don’t think they’ll last the duration. I’d love to try a poppered nappy instead and these look perfect. I’ve heard mixed things about them so a tester nappy to review would be great to see for myself before splashing out on any. Fab colour choice too, love cloth bottoms!

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