Natural Teethers & Soothers at Babi Pur

Natural rubber teething toys and soothers available now at Babi Pur

Hevea Soothers

Natural teethers and soothers are nothing new but recent trends towards plastic dummies and toys has left some parents looking for something else.  Danish firm Hevea have gone back to basics and made soothers (called pacifiers or dummies by some)  from a single cast of 100% natural rubber.  So no plastic, no chemicals a definitely no BPA.  So if you’re looking for a natural soother for your baby Hevea is the one for you, and your baby 🙂   We’ve added the Hevea soothers in various teats and sizes and the panda teether to the Babi Pur website so browse our BPA free section here.

Sophie The Giraffe natural teethers

Sophie la Giraffe will be 50 years old this year (2011) and she has hardly changed in all that time.  Sophie is the classic natural baby toy made from 100% natural rubber and painted with food grade paints.  A real must have for any baby Sophie is the perfect shape and size for tiny hands to grab and play with and you don’t have to worry about your baby chewing her.  To compliment the range and to offer a dedicated teething toy there’s also available the Sophie the Giraffe natural teether which has different textures for babies to chew on and comes in two versions, soft and extra soft for the different stages of teething.

Chan, Pie & Gnon Natural Rubber Toys

And form the makers of Sophie the Giraffe check out these cheeky little chappies too, Chan, Pie and Gnon.  Their funny little names are derived from the French word Champignon (mushroom) and we love the toys, they’re very soft and rubbery, their little heads wobble around a lot and they make a funny squeaky noise when you touch them.  Great entertainment for babies and made from the same 100% natural rubber as Sophie the Giraffe 🙂

Shop Chan, Pie and Gnon Natural Toys Here


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