Nappy News – New bumGenius & Great TotsBots Prices

So here’s a quick round up of what’s new and what’s hot in the world of nappies at Babi Pur this week.

NEW bumGenius elemental


New bumGenius elemental

First up, the all NEW bumGenius elemental otherwise known as the bumGenius organic . A popular choice for those who prefer natural fabrics next to their baby’s bum, but that’s not the only reason to go for the elemental.  More absorbent that the bumGenius 4.0 and freetime (both of which are microfibre nappies) plus you can easily boost by tucking an extra insert in underneath the absorbent layers. AND one of the best features is the complete simplicity, just put it on, take it off, wash and dry, so simple, no stuffing, no putting parts together. Quite possibly the easiest re-usable nappy available.  So what’s new about this new bumGenius elemental nappy?

  • Faster drying due to a gap between the waterproof outer and the absorbent cotton layers allowing air to circulate
  • Modified sizing and fit so it fits more babies better
  • Less bulk for a trimmer nappy

We’ll have a full in depth review soon so watch this space.  We were big fans of the older version of the bumGenius organic so we’re expecting a glowing report 🙂

Shop for bumGenius elemental here, oh and don’t forget that natural fabrics need a few pre-washes to get going.

bumGenius Oops


New bumGenius Oops Colour

bumGenius 4.0 pocket nappies in this new Oops colour is now available. We have a limited amount of stock of this one and we can confirm that it is super stylish. The purple colour is brighter than the Dazzle colour, and the tabs and snaps are a cream colour. If you’re a bumGenius addict and you want something a bit different then grab one now!

totsbots and frugi

TotsBots Prints & Frugi Nappies, Great Prices!

We’ve just had our final delivery of Tots Bots Pooper Hero and Nature girl nappies, these prints are soon to be discontinued so please be quick if you want one.  The same goes for the Bum Voyage city range London, Paris and New York City prints.  These stylish city prints won’t be around for long and we’re offering them all to our customers well below rrp.

As always we’re offering the best price we can on Frugi Easyfit nappies too, currently with 15% off.  This combination of Fun Frugi styling with TotsBots Nappy expertise has resulted in a super scrummy collection of real nappies that everyone Loves!!

So that’s all for now folks. Keep up to date with all things to do with real nappies, natural baby gubbins, fabulous toys and more by following us on facebook HERE





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