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Which washing powder should I use to wash my cloth nappies?

Here at Babi Pur we often get asked what detergent you should use to wash your cloth nappies.   Well we have a special home and laundry section which has a good range of detergents from Rockin Green, Violets and Tots Bots.  So what’s different about these detergents and why can’t you just use powder from the supermarket?  We’re not saying all supermarket detergents are bad but there are some you should avoid because they will void the warranty on your nappies.

Nasty detergents – nasty detergents contain things like fillers, chemical scents and optical brighteners.  Often these nasties are designed to cling to your clothes to make them appear bright and sparkly and smell nice so you go ooooooh when you take them out of the machine.  The problem with these and cloth nappies is that the nasties build up in the fabric and reduce their absorbency boooooo!   Not only that, you probably don’t want these nasties next to your babies bottom.  bumGenius quote on their warranty page that you cannot use detergents containing enzymes, brighteners, dyes and perfumes.

There are also some eco detergents which although don’t contain additives they have a high citrus content which can cause natural fabrics to wear out prematurely.

Good detergents for cloth nappies  Violets magic laundry powder, Rockin Green and Tots bots nappy potion are all good choices for washable nappies.  Why?  You guessed it, they don’t have all those gunky additives that build up on your nappies.  They clean and they rinse away, simple.

The packets can look small for the cost of these products but when you look at the washing loads they do they actually work out quite economical.  The packs are smaller because you use less detergent and you use less detergent because they’re not full of fillers, just detergent.

So give one a try, we’re certain you’ll be converted!  And once you’ve tried them you’ll be doing all your washing with them!


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4 Responses

  1. Rachel Khan says:

    The bumGenius distributer says that any UK non-bio detergent other than Ecover is fine and will not void your UK warranty. Cotton Babies said that whatever the distributer says is fine, so you can use normal detergents on their products.

  2. peter says:

    Rachel you are right, most non-bio powder is fine. If they do contain additives you’ll need to strip wash your nappies every so often. With the above detergents you shouldn’t need to strip wash anywhere near as much if at all. There’s some advice on strip washing in this article

  3. Tan says:

    Or, you could save yourself the expense and the environment by using Eco Washing Balls. They get stuff clean, leave no chemical build-up and save you a fortune to boot. Normally it would take a while to recoup the cost but it soon pays dividend to anyone using cloth nappies.

    The only downside is you don’t get that washing liquid/powder fragrance, but you soon get used to it and anyway, it’s going on your babies bum so it hardly matters it doesn’t have an overpowering floral aroma…

  4. Emily says:

    Rachel, I’ve just had a look at the bumgenius distributors website and they say
    “Use non-bio washing powder which does not contacting any perfumes, dyes, whiteners, brighteners or enzymes.”
    I no longer use ordinary non-bios as my daughter has eczema, I looked into the ingredients of my usual brands Fairy, Ariel and Tesco’s own then stopped using them. We use the Violets range for all of our clothes now.

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