Nappy Cream that’s good for babies bums

Celtic Nappy CreamWe had the below email from one of our customers today about our Celtic Herbal Nappy Cream which we thought just had to be shared.

“Just wanted to let you know a very positive comment about this nappy cream. My family and I had a holiday to Austria recently and my 7 month old daughter caught a virus and experienced severe diarhoea which resulted in a very sore and blistered bottom. Whilst this nappy cream is great normally, it simply wasn’t strong enough to help her deal with this problem. I had to take her to an emergency doctor in Austria whose first question was “what nappy cream are you currently using?” When I showed him the jar, he said:
“This is fantastic cream – don’t ever stop using it – there’s nothing better than this”. He had to prescribe a strong medicated cream to use for a few days until the blisters had gone, and then strongly advised me to continue with your cream.

Thanks again, I Love it.


This fantastic cream is made locally here in North Wales using only natural ingredients, free from parabens and sulphates.  You can see the full list of ingredients on the product page here


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