Naef – Precision Engineered Wooden Construction Toys

Wish you had your childs’ wooden toys already? Just wait till you get a look at these!

Family-run Swiss brand Naef specialise in precision manufacturing of children’s wooden construction toys and they have just arrived at Babipur Towers. With 60 years of experience, Naef Toys offer premium quality and precision. Each toy piece is made with sustainably sourced European wood and can be stacked and slotted together with ease. You can honestly make some incredible shapes and designs with these toys!

Amazing detail on the Naef Cella stacking cube

Since arriving at Babipur Towers, we have had the chance to really explore and try out the Naef range. Before you even open the box you get a feel for the quality and detail behind these toys. The white boxes, with very neatly parcelled products, offer a true minimalist look that encouraged the architect in me from the outset.

Is the quality of Naef toys really up to standard?

Toys that are sanded and tested to a tenth of a millimetre is very much a bold claim. Though we can’t truly measure this, the premium manufacturing of these toys is very much evident.

Aptly named ‘Angular,’ the right-angled wooden pieces of the Angular Construction toy fitted together neatly and smoothly in its most basic form. We also discovered that this toy features small chiselled cubes that allow the large angled segments to stack on top of each other to create the craziest and unique towers!

These small black connector pieces really were the key to the puzzle. Small and subtle, these allow you to stack even the largest pieces at the top – provided you can keep the balance!

Safe to say there were a couple spills at Team Babipur making towers so high, but the toys held up perfectly fine. The sustainable wood was more than capable of a few drops – phew!

Cella Stacking Cubes

Another of the exciting range we tried out was the Cella. This stacking cube made equally as impressive towers, using chiselled notches in each cube to slot together corner to corner.

Tight and compact, this cube can transform into all sorts of stacks that are fully open to your imagination. This really would make for a perfect desk ornament!

Each cube slots inside the next, matching up to make this beautiful gradient effect when fully assembled. The small yellow, branded cube is a great finishing touch fitting neatly on top any structure.

Want more of a puzzle toy?

If you want more of a mental challenge as well as balance – Naef has something for you to enjoy!

The Sphaera Maze puzzle was one of my personal favourites. Made from sustainable Cherry trees, this wooden puzzle is a hemispherical maze where you have to guide the metal balls to the centre.

This toy has a RAW finish which only shows off the craftsmanship of the wood even more. Beautifully carved, the balls roll through the maze effortlessly without catching on any of the holes or undercuts that stop the balls falling out.

Getting the balls to the middle is a tough challenge of hand-eye coordination with all three rolling around at once.

Are you up to the challenge of the Sphaera Maze Puzzle?

Here are Babipur Towers we were very impressed with the quality and visual design of the Naef range. Naef truly lives up to the precision manufacturing expectations that are associated with Swiss brands.

Naef Stacking Rainbow Toy

Stunning, premium and engaging toys that are produced from sustainably sourced European wood – these certainly struck a chord with Team Babipur. They even have a rainbow! If they ever come out with a radish, we’ll let you know.

Shop the full Naef Wooden Toy range HERE – we think you and your children will love them!

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