Musical Instruments for Children

Last week on the blog we featured a post all about our brilliant musical instruments for babies. Well this week, it’s the turn of the over 3’s, as we explore our fab range of musical instruments for children.

By the age of three, children have usually progressed beyond the banging, crashing and shaking that babies like to do (although that’s still fun too!) and they can usually appreciate different notes and are starting to get the hang of different rhythms too.

We can certainly help you to encourage your budding musicians with our brilliant selection of ethical and sustainable wooden musical instruments for children. Let’s start with the rhythm section and some of our lovely wooden drums.

We think this Plan Toys Tot Drum is absolutely brilliant! It’s loads of instruments in one, and can be used as a string or percussion instrument. Hit and thwack it like a normal drum, but it’s so much more too! Give the string a good pull to hear the big booooooom sound, give it a good shake so that the green pellets hit the drum Chinese style or twang the strings the other side for a different tone. It’s suitable for kids over 12 months old, so even teeny toddlers can have a bash (literally!).

plan toys tot drum

Other drums include this super cute Plan Toys Big Drum, which can be either tapped with little fingers or given a good old bash with the toddler-sized sticks that are included. Little drummers will love the BOOM BOOM BOOM noise and it also includes a strap so it can be worn around the neck and kids can stomp about with it in time to the beat. Brilliant for developing hand-eye co-ordination as well as musical creativity. Great fun!

plan toys big drum

For even more fun, how about the Plan Toys Musical Band? We think it’s super cute – a mini drum kit, especially designed for young children (ages 3+). There are two big drums as well as a shiny cymbal and a noisy guiro, so kids will love finding their rythym and getting in the groove – that’s if you can bear to part with it (it’s meant to be for the kids, hehe!). And, as with all Plan Toys products, it’s made from recycled rubber wood in factories with strong emphasis on ethical working conditions.


And finally, for any budding guitarists out there, we think these Hape First Wooden Play Guitars are absolutely gorgeous. The bodies are smaller than usual guitars so they are the perfect size for little hands and fingers. They are made from sturdy wood and are really robust so kids can have a good old play about with the strings to see which notes they can make and tunes they can create. It’s a great way to get your kids interested in music, and a good first step into playing the guitar.

Hape red guitar

So why not get the whole family inspired by a bit of good old fashioned music? Check out our brilliant range of musical instruments for children (oh go on then, mums and dads can have a go too!). Don’t stop the music!




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