Moby Wrap Review – Baby Carrying

Moby Wrap Review

Quentin was about 7 months old when I discovered the Moby Wrap as he was quickly outgrowing the carrier we had. The thing I loved most about the Moby wrap is how soft and versatile it is. I’m still quiet new to the world of baby carriers, and the Moby was the first wrap we purchased. I definitely was not disappointed.

What is the Moby Wrap?

The wrap is essentially a long piece of woven fabric (5.5m) designed to be passed around and across your body, enabling your babies weight to be distributed well and all for comfort and balance. The wrap rolls up and can be stored in the bag provided. It’s a fab wrap to take away with you and mine is often stored in the car for those days out to places pushchairs can’t go! 🙂

Ease of Use

Initially the wrap takes a little getting used to in regards to getting a comfortable fit. The first few times I tried it I quickly realised the best fit was found around the waist (not hips) and sussed out the best way to pass the wrap around me without twisting it.

Once the wrap is on, make sure the wrap is spread across the shoulders and then I could put Quentin in. He loves this wrap!
When he was smaller we used the ‘Hug’ hold alot, then he would sleep in the moby allowing one of the shoulder supports to support his head as well. When he got bigger we did an outwards facing ‘Hug’ hold (you shouldn’t do this with smaller babies) he loved seeing the outside world – It’s also surprising the number of smiles he attracts from people passing by.

One downside is the material is a little too long to get yourself into outside. So it helps to be prepared. This isn’t an issue in the summer when its dry – on the plus side the wrap washes and dries really well!


This is definitely one of the most comfortable wraps I’ve used. Quentin was about 18lbs when we started using the Moby and he felt really light in it. It left no marks on my body nor did I feel and strain when using it.


I admit one of the things that attracted me to the Moby; was the price. It is one of the cheaper styles of baby carrier on the market and I would recommend this as an entry level wrap to anyone interested in babywearing.


  • Price! – Need I say more
  • Machine Washable – Sick, baby saliva, mud, all washes easily!
  • Versatile – I intend on Breastfeeding our next baby in it
  • Variety of Colours/Designs – I know user who have this wrap in several colours – Let’s Colour Co-ordinate!!
  • Baby feels close and secure to mum
  • No buckles or narrow straps to dig into you


  • Can take a little practice – But be patient it’s worth it!!
  • Outside application can be an issue – It helps to be prepared.

The Moby wrap comes in a variety of styles, fabrics and colours, check out the full collection in the Babi Pur baby carrying section


I am Mummy to a little boy called Quentin, currently on maternity leave until July 2010 and Nuts about Cloth Nappies.

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  1. Joanne says:

    We have a couple of Moby carriers and I used them all day when my youngest was a newborn. It is perfect for tiny ones, keeps them warm, close and very content. Perfect for wear around the house as its so versatile and you can always find a wrap to suit you, your baby and what you are doing. We still use ours now and he is a year old and around 22lb.

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