Milovia Cloth Nappies

Introducing the Milovia Cloth Nappies brand (and a customer review too!)

                             Milovia Cloth Nappies

Milovia is relatively new cloth nappy brand stocked here at Babipur and so far we and our testers are really pleased with them!  All Milovia products and fabrics are designed and produced in their own factory in Poland with real attention to detail which you can see in the quality and style.

The Milovia range includes a One sized pocket nappy which is designed to fit your baby from birth to potty training.  There is also a two part cloth nappy system which includes an outer wrap and an absorbent insert.  The wrap is available in two sizes, the most popular being the one sized ‘birth to potty’ but there is also a smaller wrap which is more suitable for very young and small babies.   Both systems are available in lots of gorgeous prints, see below…

Milovia Prints

Milovia ONE SIZE  Pocket Nappy (8-35lb)

The Milovia  pocket cloth nappy is very easy to use, well made and very cute too!  The outer layer is laminated with PUL which is both waterproof and breathable.  There are poppers(snaps) on the front of the nappy so that the size can be adjusted as your baby grows. The inner fabric is high quality European microfleece which draws the moisture away and keeps baby’s bum nice and dry.   Each Milovia pocket nappy comes with 2 microbibre absorbent inserts in sizes S and M which fit nicely into the pocket between the outer layer and the soft microfleece layer (see diagram below)

milovia inserts pocket nappy

Milovia Pocket Nappy Review

Our testers Angela and her toddler Joss have been busy testing out the Milovia pocket nappy for Babipur and here’s what they think…

Joss and I were very lucky to be one of the first to try a new-to-the-UK Milovia nappy thanks to our new role as Babi Pur Boasters!  The funky apples and flowers print was a big hit with apple loving Jossy and I really liked the autumnal colours; the print has a retro feel that I love.  If you haven’t checked out the range look out for the pirate print – ‘Arrrrr it’s amazing!

Milovia nappies and inserts are made from microfibre, and I really like them for being so fast drying, particularly when I need a quick turn around for workdays.  I hope you’ll know what I mean when I say that some microfibre nappies can feel a bit ‘sticky’ but this is lovely and soft, and we’ve had the chance to give a relatively thorough test run after a pre-wash and three wash and wears.

Ok so it’s a sweet design and is made from microfibre, but what’s different about it?  The shaping is what this nappy really has going for it!  The extra width of the back elastic gives a really good snug fit and the different sized inserts to grow with your baby (small and medium to make this a great fitting birth to potty pocket) are well structured – I prefer this to a floppy insert – and really well sewn, we’ve had the stitching come away on other brands that have been topstitched only causing the insert to split open, these have really well sewn seams and I like that they have the logo sewn on to make it easier to match nappy to insert when stuffing them!

We give this new brand a big thumbs up for design, functionality and great quality!

Here’s a sweet little picture of Joss who’s been testing out the Milovia nappy, how happy does she look! 🙂


Milovia ONE SIZE Covers (9-35lb)

These lovely one size covers by Milovia are ideal to use with the Milovia absorbent inserts which are available in three sizes, or they can be used with any nappy that requires a wrap or with pre folds or flat nappies.  These covers are made from the same great quality outer fabric used for the  pocket nappy and laminated with PUL which is both waterproof and breathable. There are poppers on the front of the covers which allow the rise of the nappy to be adjusted to fit your babies as they grow.

milovia one size cover explained inserts

Milovia SMALL covers (6-16lb)

These cute smaller versions  or ‘Milovia Newborn Covers’ are great for newborn or premature babies as they fit from 6-16lb.  They also include a row of poppers which are used to adjust the size of the rise which is great as they can be used until baby’s weight is around 16lb which is usually at around 5-6 months of age.  These can be used with Milovia inserts or any nappy which requires a wrap.

Milovia small cover with insert

Milovia Stay Dry inserts for Nappy Covers

These extremely well made stay dry inserts fit perfectly with both Milovia one-size nappy cover and the smaller Newborn nappy cover.  They have a soft stay-dry microfleece top sheet to keep your baby’s bum nice and dry.

Small – 10x28cm fits 2.5Kg (5.5lbs)+ We recommend this size with the small Milovia nappy cover or as a booster for older babies

Medium – 12.5x31cm fits 3.5Kg (8lbs)+ We recommend this size with the Milovia on-size nappy cover for babies up to 1 year old and it can also be used with the small (Newborn) nappy cover when on the largest size setting.

Large – 12.5x38cm fits 10Kg (22lbs)+ We recommend this size with the Milovia on-size nappy cover for babies over 1 year old

stay dry milovia inserts

Milovia Wetbags

milovia wetbags


Milovia Wetbags are soooo coool.. we love them! They’re obviously designed to store dirty nappies and you can fit at least in  four there but we think they make very funky wash-bags and make up bags too.  These bags are available 7 designs at the moment, but I’m sure there’ll be more on the way.  Made of waterproof PUL fabric they keep any wetness and smells in the bag so great for when you’re out and about. They have a zip closure as well as a handy loop for hanging on a hook indoors or on the side of your pram/bag.
Dimensions: 25×30 cm.

Finally all Milovia products can be washed at 40-60 C degrees (100-140 F)

If you have any questions about Milovia or any other nappies, please do get in touch 🙂
Jolene Barton

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  1. Sarry says:

    Gorgeous prints – but, I find it a bit annoying that it’s advertised as a birth to potty nappy, but you have to buy a larger insert for babies over one. That’s not birth to potty.

  2. vicki says:

    So pleased to have found this review as a newbie cloth bum mum im looking into options and these look lovely! will have to try out!

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