Maxomorra Classics are back!

MAXOMORRA 2022 – Which four CLASSIC Prints have made a Comeback?

Bex’s daughter, Ferne, wearing NEW Maxomorra Dino Hat, Dungarees and a Solid Turquoise Long Sleeve Top.

Hiya, I’m Bex and I’m a mum of two girls Holly, 6 and Ferne, 18 months. I discovered Babipur when Holly was a little baby and I’ve been a customer there ever since. I love that I can twin with my girls, while they still let me! I bought a matching set soon after Ferne was born, in an attempt to help Holly feel more included and help bond with her little sister. It really worked and we’ve loved matching ever since! 


Maxomorra are back with four of their classics to start the year with an extra pop of colour! Every year Maxomorra treat their loyal customers to a carefully curated collection of sell out prints. Best of all, the customers are at the heart of this decision and the prints are voted by them.


If you were lucky enough, you would have spotted one of these polls and had a part to play in this! Is your old favourite in the mix?


Bex, with her daughters Ferne and Holly, all dressed in the LP Print.

Early Maxomorra

Before I get to the latest Classic Collection, I think It’s important to remember why we all love Maxomorra so much. #BringBackTheBrights is at the core of Maxomorra’s ethos and driven by the founders’ frustration at a lack of fun prints and bright clothes available when their son Max was born.

The children’s clothing market back in 2008 was nothing like the fun, bold, bright haven it is today. Clothing that wasn’t harmful to his skin, or to the environment was also extremely important to them. They saw a huge gap in the market and decided to do something about it. And we’re glad they did!

Fun, colourful, and adventurous clothing with fair trad and sustainability at the forefront of the brand is what set Maxomorra apart from everyone else at the time and is what makes them leaders in the sustainable market today. Winning a Bronze Junior Design Award for Best Children’s Eco Fashion Collection 2021.


1) Maxomorra Classics Dino

Bex’s daughter, Ferne, playing with Grapat 7 Moons in a pair of Maxomorra Dino Dungarees & Solid Turquoise Long Sleeve Top.

First up is the Dino print and it’s cute, cute, cute! As ever with Maxomorra, the contrasting colours are always on point– but these juicy orange tones and bold bright blue is a particular feast for the eyes.

I think most kids go through a dinosaur phase, don’t they? My eldest certainly did and even had a Dino themed bedroom at one point.


2) Maxomorra Classics LP

Bex and her daughter Ferne in matching Maxomorra. Bex is wearing an Adult Long Sleeve Top, Ferne is wearing a LP Spin Dress & Solid Turquoise Long Sleeve Top.

I’m not going to lie, I felt like a bit of a fraud when I first wore this LP print….I don’t own any LP’s and I’m not even close to being any sort of music buff! (as much as I’d like to be) But of course it doesn’t matter one single bit. What really appeals to me about this print is the nostalgic quality of it and the vintage feeling it evokes. That’s what’s important.

Maxomorra have such a beautiful way of blending the vintage and modern aesthetic and I think that’s what appeals to so many people.


3) Maxomorra Classics Sky

Ferne wearing Sky Long Sleeve Pyjamas.

It’s no surprise that the Sky Print made the final 4, these are the girls the first Maxo PJ’s, however I have a few adult T-shirts which have had a lot of wear (stretching from nursing at night) and therefore a lot of washing, but they are still in brilliant condition.

Once you’ve experienced high quality Organic Cotton you can really see the difference. Cheap and processed cotton that’s been bleached and treated with harsh chemicals not only damages the integrity of the fabric, but it’s also rests against you or your little ones skin. This is one of the many reasons why Maxomorra only uses GOTS Certified Cotton. It results in more longevity of the fabric which of course is far more sustainable as they can easily (and encouraged) to be passed on for a second or third life.


4) Maxomorra Classics Lightning

Bex’s daughter, Holly, in Lightning Pyjamas.

Maxomorra’s final NEW Classic print, back for 2022, is the bold and striking Lightning print. Absolutely perfect for those rainy days inside.

Something that I haven’t mentioned yet, which is probably one of the main reasons I love Maxo prints is the ability to mix and match. This was demonstrated perfectly with their latest award winning collection Pick and Mix. However it rings true for all past collections too. The biggest appeal of these child focused prints is just that – they are child focused. My eldest has always be particularly strong willed and had her own sense of what she wanted to wear, choosing her own clothes and dressing herself from the age of two. Luckily pops of colour, match pops of colour! And that’s why even these Classics from all different Collections work so well together.

Bex’s daughters in both Sky and Lightning Pyjamas.


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