Mamma McCann reviews Violet’s Magic Laundry!

Violet’s Magic Laundry Liquid

Violet's Magic Laundry Liquid

This has been a firm favourite and very fast in our household. As Fizz has regular occurrences of eczema we are trying to be really careful with what we wash her clothes and bedding in. Also my husband has asthma so anything more natural for him to wear and breathe is a winner.

After speaking to Pete (after having a whinge about SLS in toothpaste!) I decided it was worth giving this new laundry liquid a go.

The smell of this laundry liquid is so lovely. It lasts too which is great when you open the drawer to fetch new clothes out.

A little of this laundry liquid goes a long way too. A bottle lasts us about a month. I had never used a liquid in my washing machine before so only have to compare to powder/tablets.

We wash on 30 degrees or less to save energy and try to ensure a full wash to save on water. The liquid managed to get paint, curry and nappy related stains out easy enough.

Well worth a recommend.

Violet’s Magic Laundry Stain Remover

Violet's Magic Laundry Stain Remover

We bought this stain remover as we wash all our cloth once a month on a higher temperature for a longer cycle. We wondered whether this stain remover would save us from doing that regular strip wash.

The stain remover is actually great as a detergent on it’s own without stains. Again the natural smell of lavender sticks which is fab when you open the cloth drawer.   It has been really good to pop this in with the nappies every 4th wash. It helps tackle the stains better than other alternatives I have used.

Again a little goes a long way. The pot has lasted us around 3 months. After why not use the post to plant some window sill herbs 🙂

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