Makedo – the ultimate Christmas stocking filler!


What to do with all those boxes you end up with at Christmas?

Get creative and make some funky stuff with Makedo!

Makedo is a series of strong clips and hinges which allow you to create things from the stuff around you. ย A perfect Christmas stocking filler that will encourage children’s creativity and building skills. ย The clever “re-clips” and hinges are specifically designed to hold cardboard and other materials together securely while, unlike glue and tape, being re-usable. ย There’s a number of packs which include stickers to decorate your creations and they vary in size from smaller flowers up to big playhouses.

makedo packs

All packing and stickers are printed on 100% recycled paper

Shop for Makedo at Babipur here


  1. This is clearly something that should be kept away from fully grown men. My husband and his friend have decided that they now know what they want for Christmas.

  2. Moobug, my little boy is going to be getting Daddy this for Christmas! It’s brilliant stuff. I can’t wait to get my hands on it either.

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